Tourism leader thrives in downturn, boosts top line with Bartercard


Tourism leader thrives in downturn and boosts top line with Bartercard

When the global financial crisis left industries crashing worldwide, Datatrax, a marketing technology leader for the Australian tourism industry, really felt the effects of the downturn.

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Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice to boost clientele


Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice

A legal firm where clients love working with their lawyers? It sounds like a paradox but it’s what Vivais have been busy building – trading approximately $250,000 on Bartercard to attract new clients and take the cost ‘fear factor’ out of legal advice.

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Coast company reduces $6,000 in business expenses a month


Coast company reduces $6,000 in business expenses a month

Gold Coast company Con-x-ion Airport Transfers has approximately $6,000 extra in bank each month with Bartercard. Here's how... 

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Bartercard leads builder to a $2.2 million cash contract


Bartercard development lands local builder a multi-million dollar cash contract

Since completing a $3 million redevelopment of the Equinox Restaurant where close to a million dollars was covered in Bartercard’s trade dollars (with half a million designated to building materials and sub-contractors), Big Ben Builders has picked up a $2.2 million cash contact to build the Railway House project. 

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Seaside expansion paid with fish and chips


Seaside expansion paid with fish and chips

A seaside favourite serving tourists and locals for more than 15 years has saved $500,000 with Bartercard on a recent $3 million renovation.

Bartercard has played a key role in the multi-million dollar renovation of an iconic restaurant and takeaway location on the waterfront of one of Western Australia's premier tourist destinations.

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Five minutes with Jirra Wines at Jeir Station

Swapping bottles for brand exposure

Dr Colin Andrews, who in his spare time owns and manages award-winning Jirra Wines at Jeir Station, uses Bartercard to reach a bigger market.

Since joining Bartercard in 2015, his company Jirra Wines at Jeir Station has sold more than 1,700 cases and approximately 21,000 bottles of wine on trade to stockists in Australia, landing the label front and centre at dozens of bars and restaurants.

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Five minutes with a Bartercard brand strategist


Sally Syle: Brand-strategist, Graphic designer and Illustrator

We spent five minutes chatting to the brand-strategist, graphic designer and illustrator who's using Bartercard to attract clients and build her brand up in its early days.

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Five minutes with Bakers Delight


Bakers Delight: Rising to the top with Bartercard

Whether you like your bread savoury, sweet, crusty, classic or artisanal, Bakers Delight has been baking it since 1980.
One franchisee of the popular bread brand has created a partnership with Bartercard, which has attracted approximately $40,000 in sales every year – that’s a lot of loaves!
We spent five minutes chatting to Ryan Kirkham about how he uses Bartercard.

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7 tips this new financial year

We’ve listed seven New Financial Year resolutions to set up the best systems and practices in your business, encompassing digital, investing and budgeting.

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What you should know about SMSFs

Taking control of your super has a range of advantages, but it also means stepping up the responsibility of your retirement funds which can take time and effort. 

Did you know your accountant cannot audit your self-managed super fund (SMSF) if they have prepared the tax return and the financial statements of the SMSF?  This is because auditing standards require an independent auditor to do the task, and ATO and ASIC take this seriously. 

So, it’s worth investing in a SMSF auditor who is ASIC registered.

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