The icing on the wedding cake


The average cost of a wedding is now more than $40,000, but one Gold Coast couple found a way to save costs and beat the blowout price tag with Bartercard.

Heidi and Marc Cairns used Bartercard trade dollars to cover a chunk of their wedding costs and saved over $5,500 cash. The couple own MDC Decorating Specialists on the Gold Coast where they joined Bartercard in 2016. Heidi said that when they discovered the costs it could cover, they moved the date of their wedding closer.
“We weren’t supposed to get married until a year later, but we thought, if we can use Bartercard, we can afford it. So with the support of Bartercard’s Gold Coast office, we organised everything within four months.”

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How to create a $10,000 marketing campaign for $0


Most business owners are forever crunching return on investment figures and sizing up the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Thinking outside the box, Lisa McGuigan, with the support of Bartercard, increased her cash sales by 30% as a result of a marketing campaign that cost her business $0 cash.

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Top business and trading tips


Top Business and Trading Tips

Bartercard is a tool to assist you in business, every day. In this week’s blog we see what four business owners did to tackle start-up, launch a new label and save $30,000, all with the help of Bartercard.

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Digital etiquette 101 and curbing email


Email is a tricky thing. On one hand, seeing every message is crucial (especially if you own a business), leaving us sweeping our inboxes every five minutes. On the other, we’re trying to curb and cull email to prevent complete takeover.

So in this week’s blog we tackle two topics: should you send a follow-up email, and how to curb the email overload.

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When you should pay extra in LinkedIn…and other tips to boost leads


LinkedIn has over 500 million users, taking out a significant slice of the social media pie. Compared to Facebook (1.2 billion users) and Instagram (700 million users) LinkedIn is still comparatively small, but new features and changes in 2017 reflect a boost to its user base. 

Bartercard member Jillian Bullock is Australia’s only certified LinkedIn consultant who can maximise the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile whether strengthening business contacts or sourcing new leads. She also has the latest LinkedIn features, tips and tricks on lockdown:

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Small business tips to boost brand exposure and sales


1.Fine-tuned customer targeting

The first step to boosting brand exposure is a clear-cut picture of who your customer is, so you can select the most effective channels to reach them. Do you sell custom-embossed tech accessories to females 25-40, working in corporate? You can do a targeted Facebook campaign to specifically reach these demographics. Trying to appeal to everyone will water down your brand, so have a clear picture of what your customers like and do, what their pain points are and what solutions you have.  
Click here to read more about finding your
online audience. 

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SME and start-up business tips


Does your brand lack direction or need a fresh start? Packed inside this week’s blog are the business staples, tips and insight to laying down the business groundwork and staying ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a start-up or established business that needs to hit reset, this week’s blog can help pack more punch into your brand. 

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Ready, set, accelerate!


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5 old vs new leadership qualities in 2017

In a fast-paced digital world everything is shifting pretty quickly – from technology and consumer patterns to business agility and adaptability.  So what does leadership look like in an era of unprecedented change?  

Whether you’re a sole operator or have employees, keep these evolving leadership traits on your radar. 

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How to get the word out when you don’t have a marketing or PR budget

You’ve invested all your dollars into your business, now how do you tell everyone you exist?

In this week’s blog, we’ve listed 10 tips to build up a market presence and really get seen – even when you don’t have marketing or PR dollars to outlay.

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8 ways to attract new customers

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