5 apps every small business owner should have

In a fast-paced business world where everything is constantly evolving, scaling, minimising and customising to the consumer, technology is essential to stay on top. 

Whether you’re a start-up or established brand staying relevant, these apps can cut time, let you work on the go and support you in the 1 million things to think about every day. 


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Tax Time


Wrapping your head around taxation is a favourite pastime of few - which is why Craig Toyne from Rethink Financial has you covered at tax time.  

They’ve compiled the latest tax tips, expertise and ways to use your Bartercard trade dollars, imparting invaluable advice which may reduce your tax bill. Check out these latest tax tips posted weekly in the lead up to tax time.


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Tax Tips 2017

Wrapping your head around taxation is a favourite pastime of few – which is why Rethink Financial has you covered at tax time.

In this week’s blog they’ve done the number crunching and share the latest tax tips, expertise and ways to use your trade dollars which may reduce your tax bill. 

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2017 Tax Tips

Wrapping your head around taxation is a favourite pastime of few – which is why we have you covered in the lead up to tax time.  Starting this week, Craig Toyne from Rethink Financial is sharing the latest tax tips, expertise and ways to use your trade dollars in the lead up to June 30.
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Seaside expansion paid with fish and chips


Seaside expansion paid with fish and chips

A seaside favourite serving tourists and locals for more than 15 years has saved $500,000 with Bartercard on a recent $3 million renovation.

Bartercard has played a key role in the multi-million dollar renovation of an iconic restaurant and takeaway location on the waterfront of one of Western Australia's premier tourist destinations.

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8 tips and tricks to sharpen your emails

Read this before you press send.

Follow these ten simple tips and tricks to sharpen your emails and get the response you want.     

1. Tailor to the recipient

Don’t spray and pray - mass blanket emails just don’t get read beyond the first line.  Taking the time to tailor your emails to the receiver is worth the extra time and effort.  Use their first name and understand what they want so you can structure the email around a solution.


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Swapping Wines for Brand Exposure

Jirra at Jeir Station produces wines with a definitive Australian cool climate style.  Collecting a raft of awards, their varietals are made in conditions similar to Tuscany and appear on wine lists in restaurants around the country. 

Purchase Jirra at Jeir Station wines on MYBC.

We spent five minutes chatting to Bill Mason, a wine specialist and National Distributor for Jirra at Jeir Station Wines, about the latest industry trends and swapping bottles for brand exposure on Bartercard.   

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2017 Budget Breakdown

Scott Morrison’s tax heavy budget revealed a hit to banks, a boost to infrastructure and a tax break win for the small business sector.

Coming out on top, small businesses turning over less than $10 million receive an instant tax write off on equipment purchases up to $20,000. The government’s extended small business boost will increase cash flow, investment and productivity.

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5 simple ways to maximise online sales

World-wide, e-commerce is surpassing instore sales and going one way: up.  Coinciding with this week’s launch of search, a new way to find Bartercard members instantly using any device, we’ve listed five ways to attract new customers and maximise online sales.  

1. Use relevant keywords in your descriptions 

Including relevant keywords in your listing, descriptions and website copy will let customers searching the topics you specialise in find you.  SEO is far more complex than keywords (for SEO tips and tricks read 5 ways to rank higher on Google), but they are at the core of online searchability.       

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5 key digital marketing strategies in 2017

Technology is constantly evolving and its impact on the marketplace affects how businesses are marketing themselves.  To stand out in the market, we’ve listed five key marketing strategies to reach your customers in 2017.

1. Create digital intimacy with your customers

Technology has created a shift in how brands are reaching their customers, but although customer engagement is digital-centric, relationships still matter. ‘Digital intimacy’ is created by understanding who your customers are, what they want and tailoring your marketing strategy to fit their needs. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s not intimate.  Ensure you know who your customers are so you can really speak to them. 

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8 ways to attract new customers

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