How to get the word out when you don’t have a marketing or PR budget

You’ve invested all your dollars into your business, now how do you tell everyone you exist?

In this week’s blog, we’ve listed 10 tips to build up a market presence and really get seen – even when you don’t have marketing or PR dollars to outlay.

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How to strategically build a trusted brand

This week’s blog explains why you should strategically build trust in the right places to maximise impact, brand reach and market sway.

Building a trusted brand is critical in a digital age, but why should you have a strategy and laser-sharp focus of where and how you do so?

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4 tips to successfully outsource social media

Looking for a social media specialist to increase brand reach, influence and customers? Read these four tips first to take your brand from zero to hero.

In today’s business landscape, the most successful companies are crushing it on social media. Australian brands like Frank (skincare, going from a $5K start-up to a $20 million company via social), Messina (creative gelato and cakes, 110K Instagram followers) and Palm Beach Collection (eco-friendly, hand-poured candles, 20K Instagram followers) have market clout that keeps expanding. 

These examples show just how much social marketing can impact brand following, cut-through, interaction and sales, so picking the right specialist for your business is crucial! 

At the end of the day, your business’ ability to benefit from the social sphere will only go as far as your marketing specialist/digital marketing company takes you. These tips can assist you to find that right resource

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7 Efficiency Tips for Small Creative Businesses

Working in a small business can feel like an overload of stress, logistics and administrative tasks that can cramp the creative flow.  But creativity-killing responsibilities are a reality for every SME owner, so what can you do to counter the daily grind?   These 7 tips can help you switch hats while keeping your craft strong.  

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New Financial Year Tips to Boost Your Business

Plan ahead to succeed this New Financial Year. These tips will bolster your business while ticking off great service and organisation along the way.

Fuss-free technology to simplify
your business

Look at what technology you can take up to cut time and steps in your business.  If you’re on the road a lot, then Square is a tap-and-go credit card reader that you can take anywhere, saving you time chasing invoices later.  It’s a little square device that works off an app, and customers simply hold their cards against it to trigger payment.  It you are a retailer and sell at events, Square will save your customers finding an ATM to withdraw cash.  Find more apps to save time and space like Xero, which lets you invoice clients on the go.
Read what 5 apps every business owner should have.

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Over $74,000 to help the homeless

Bartercard is the leading fundraiser at the Gold Coast 2017 Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

On the 22nd of June, I was with more than 200 CEOs and business leaders at Cbus Super Stadium on the Gold Coast, where we roughed it for the night to raise money for the homeless. It was only one night, but sleeping on a cold hard floor in the elements was an eye opener to what over 100,000 people in Australia experience every night.

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Small Business Tax Tips

If crunching numbers isn’t your strength or your favourite pastime activity, keep calm with the expertise advice that Rethink Financial shares in the lead up to June 30.

They’ve compiled these tips which may reduce your tax bill, and keep you financially collected at tax time.

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Keep calm with these tax tips

If crunching numbers isn’t your strength, keep calm 
with weekly tax tips from
Rethink Financial

We've compiled these latest tips which may reduce your tax bill, and keep you financially collected at tax time.


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5 apps every small business owner should have

In a fast-paced business world where everything is constantly evolving, scaling, minimising and customising to the consumer, technology is essential to stay on top. 

Whether you’re a start-up or established brand staying relevant, these apps can cut time, let you work on the go and support you in the 1 million things to think about every day. 


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Tax Time


Wrapping your head around taxation is a favourite pastime of few - which is why Craig Toyne from Rethink Financial has you covered at tax time.  

They’ve compiled the latest tax tips, expertise and ways to use your Bartercard trade dollars, imparting invaluable advice which may reduce your tax bill. Check out these latest tax tips posted weekly in the lead up to tax time.


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8 ways to attract new customers

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