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2016 Top Food + Hospitality Trends

Written by Klara Vida on 20/01/2016 3:30:00 PM 0 Comment

Blog-hamburgers.png2016 Top Food + Hospitality Trends
2015 left consumers spoilt for choice when it came to new dining styles, flavours and combinations in the kitchen, and no lid was left unturned for chefs looking to flex their culinary creativity. From cuisine served out of a shipping container that changed location daily to concept style menus adding a new dimension to dining, 2016 promises a new set of directions to shape the culinary scene. So if you love food, what can you expect?

New spins on old favourites
2015 saw the rise of American-style diners that gave way to a resurgence of old favourites like burgers and fries. In 2016, variation will put a new spin on traditional recipes - expect to see ingredients like lobster, crab, duck and truffles make new iterations of classic recipes.

Share-worthy menus
Social media is pulling in the crowds which is what’s pushed concept dining and visually captivating specialties into the spotlight (Nutella doughnut shake, anyone?). In 2016, menus built out of what looks good on social media and out of-the-box experiences will continue to pave the way. Expect to see more fun concepts and eccentric combinations coming out of kitchens, cuisine packaged and served creatively and new ways of telling stories around food that will inspire consumers to visit dining spots and build deeper relationships with brands.

Mobile wallets
The digital shift is a topic so widely discussed, a digital counterpart to a physical
wallet is no surprise in the tech world. It’s a hotly contested space where technology giants like Apple, Google and Samsung are all competing. Mobile wallets are forever changing the way we transact, undercutting EFTPOS, letting consumers leave the cash and plastic at home, and in the case of bucqi, ditch reward cards. bucqi is breaking new ground in 2016 as a mobile wallet and rewards app that allows consumers to make everyday transactions with the tap of a smart phone, while earning rewards that they can be conveniently spend at multiple vendors. More consumers are using mobile wallets to transact, leading more restaurants to take up the technology to accept mobile payments.

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