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3 hot tips to reach your customers online

Written by Klara Vida on 09/03/2016 5:25:26 PM 1 Comment


Still wrapping your head around social media in your business?

In this week’s blog we list three essentials when it comes to tapping into your market online and leveraging your brand socially.   

1. Choose platforms that support your brand

Platforms that fit your brand will always create better results when it comes to attracting followers and converting sales, and posting on platforms that feel authentic to you will come more easily.

Clothing brands and retailers rely heavily on imagery and therefore Instagram, where there are no limits to creativity, can achieve some incredible cut through in the market. Instagram has over 800 million users but has changed its feeds to interaction-based curation where audience engagement is critical to exposure. 

Platforms like Instagram can also leverage partnerships and collaborations through cross marketing a new concept or initiative to each partner’s followers, effectively putting complementary brands in front of new markets.

This is where the success of partnerships and collaborations hinges on brand synergy and sharing similar markets, so that when a brand is put in front of a new audience, it sticks enough to make a lasting impression and leads consumers to take action.

When it comes to platforms, Google+ can be effective in reaching technology-focused consumers, while LinkedIn is a stronger choice for the business to business (B2B) sector ( Facebook will support virtually any brand thanks to a diverse user base which has approximately 2.2 billion monthly active users world-wide (

2. Leverage influencers

It's hard to build a base of 800,000 followers on your own; leveraging influencers is a way to fast-track this. Tagging a well-followed brand or personality on Instagram who chooses to add you to their feed will reach millions of followers.

This not only outreaches print advertising but comes without the exuberant cost of a print ad in a newspaper or glossy magazine. For example, if a fashion start-up tags a celebrity who decides to add the photo to their feed; it will put the brand in front of millions of followers and launch it to the market.

3. Use the latest technology to create quality content

The best social media marketers are sticklers for quality - this means no pixelated photos and using the latest technology – phones and digital SLR cameras – as well as expertise in the information you disseminate to make your message stick.

When it comes to images, poor lighting, positioning and styling can all break the formula for a widely-shared post and erode the credibility of your brand – research and follow what the best brands are doing to meet the industry standard. Post topical content and comment, share and repost openly and frequently - you will find other brands will do the same for you.

Want more tips like these?

Download our free ebook 5 Essential Tips to Building Your Brand on Social Media.

You will learn how to tap into your market, attract followers and influence them in the social space and which platforms are the best fit for your business. 


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