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3 quick steps to take control of online reviews - Bartercard

Written by Klara Vida on 14/09/2016 3:45:16 PM 0 Comment



3 ways to handle negative online reviews 
- Bartercard Part 2

The business world is a tough place at times and doing everything right can still attract negative reviews. That's because while we can do our best to manage customer's expectations, we can't always control them.

We mentioned in last week’s blog - 3 ways to handle negative online reviews - that the best way to deal with poor feedback is to tackle it directly to appease the customer, allow the public to see that you are professional and responsive and at best, turn a complaint into a positive. Here are four further tips to maintaining a sharp online presence.

Encourage positive reviews

Get positive reviews to eclipse the negative by contacting satisfied customers and asking them to leave a review where the negative feedback was posted. This can often push the negative review down and make the positive appear at the top. Satisfied customers are usually happy to write a review – if they are time poor you can suggest writing it on their behalf and sending it to them to post.

Know the culture of review sites

Review sites all work differently, so it’s important to understand each one to best manage online reviews. According to American Express, comments left by first-time or one-off reviewers on sites like Yelp have a higher chance of being filtered out. Yelp places more emphasis on loyal reviewers whose comments are more likely to appear at the top. It also points out that 80 per cent of its reviews are three star or higher, flattening rumours that only negative reviews make it through its filter. Understanding review sites can help you address negative comments more strategically.

Stay a step ahead

Incepting a complaint early can direct negative feedback away from review sites. Contact customers straight after you have completed a job to ensure they are satisfied and remedy any complaints before they escalate. Often a customer will post a negative review once their dissatisfaction has boiled over – so identify and address them early on.

You’re welcome!

Has a customer mentioned your amazing service on Instagram or another social media platform? Acknowledging, responding to and sharing their post will further boost the positive sentiment.



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