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3 tips to build a brand presence on Facebook

Written by Adaire Palmer on 17/02/2016 4:02:52 PM 5 Comment


Did you know that if Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest country in the world?  With more than 1.3 billion active profiles on Facebook you can’t afford not have a presence in this space.  

The latest statistics also show that more than 83% of active Facebook users access their account on a mobile device ( meaning consumers are so ingrained in the digital platform, they are virtually taking it with them everywhere they go.  

2014/15 showed amazing growth in social media in general, with the following jaw-dropping statistics.

  • social media users worldwide has exceeded 2 billion
  • more than half the world’s population has access to mobile phones
  • the number of global internet users has scooted past the 3 billion mark and
  • the number of active mobile connections has surpassed the total world population

So what does this mean for business owners? E-commerce is picking up around the globe and showing no signs of slowing down, so to stay competitive, businesses have to be on the platforms their markets are using.

As more and more consumers use Facebook for social connections, shopping, event planning, product and service reviews, Facebook is continuing to refine and add features for businesses to engage with, support, understand and cater to their markets.

To keep up with the digital shift, here are three tips to build a brand presence on Facebook.

1) Set-up a business page

Every business on Facebook should have a business page that has the functionality which personal profiles don’t, such as the capacity to boot posts, place advertising and a host of other features. I have produced a five minute video specifically about Facebook business pages which you can find here.

Facebook itself demands that every account and business page has a ‘real person’ attached to it through a personal profile, so if you think you can use a personal profile for your business it may work for a while, but it will be out of step with what the rest of the market is doing.

One of the main things I hear about social media, particularly Facebook, is questions about the privacy of my clients as they operate and interact as businesses in the social media space. While there are certain things you can do to keep your friends and family segmented from your business contacts, the demarcation line is getting increasingly blurry. This is where transparency and congruity is more important than ever before.

2) Start a two-way dialogue

Remember, social media is just that….social! People want to engage and have a two-way conversation, not just be advertised to. The most successful brands on social media all contribute, add value, support and speak authentically to their market and build a tribe of loyal followers.

Find out what matters most to your market, and start relevant conversations around those topics to grow your brand presence.

3) Advertise

The digital shift is in full swing and the most successful brands are continually building a presence online. You might have recently read that teen magazine Dolly is turning to a ‘digital first approach’ focusing on mobile video, social media and e-commerce to generate the best in market content for consumers (bandt). While a two way conversation is the focus, many brands have also picked up their traditional print advertising and taken it across to digital platforms like Facebook where more consumers are spending time.

The advantages of Facebook advertising includes a highly specific reach allowing businesses to tailor, segment and customise communication down to the likes and interests of their market to really speak to them on issues that matter most.

While social media is expansive, I’ve concentrated on business strategies for Facebook as conventional wisdom tells me this is where the clients, customers and consumers are. In 2016, Facebook has some pretty amazing developments lined up that will further thrill and delight the business owner, including features like advanced searching, live video streaming, location-based reviews and more. Watch this space! The more Bartercard businesses have a presence on Facebook, the more we can all connect, share and expand our reach.

About Adaire Palmer

Adaire is a social media expert who loves to share her knowledge and skills to help small businesses grow. Initially helping non-profits set up and manage their social media strategies and programs, Adaire ‘fell’ into the business sector with this skill set.

Adaire is planning full day workshops in South Australia for 2016 and a road-show for around this great country in 2017.

Contact Adaire:
Ph: 0408792762
Skype: adaire.palmer

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