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3 tips to make the most out of 2017 in your business

Written by Clive van Deventer on 04/01/2017 1:14:27 PM 0 Comment

3 tips to make the most out of 2017 in your business

Whether 2016 was a win or a wash out, the New Year is a blank canvas for a new start. We list three tips to get the most out of 2017 in your business, resolution free. 

1. Have a clear purpose

Businesses that start-up purely as a means to make money have lesser chances of survival. That’s because they’re pitting against competitors who’ve refined their craft to a T and have full conviction in what they do. You should be 100% vested in a concept before turning it into a business, ensuring you have a clear purpose apart from making money, and a strategy to achieve it.

You’ll have more resilience, come up stronger in the market you’re tackling and it makes a great back story to personify your brand. If you don’t have a defined purpose it might be time to become clear on why you started and re-adjust your direction.

2. Have congruence across every aspect of your business

Congruence means that everything in your business flows, from a consistent look, feel and customer experience across every platform down to your business choices and personal brand, which should reflect your company culture and values.

Congruence is especially critical for brands built on precision and trust, such as those in the airline and automotive industries – having a disjointed customer experience or a CEO who’s in the spotlight for the wrong reasons could make customers question their integrity and have disastrous effects on their business.

Consumers value authenticity and congruence creates trust from the time a customer is first exposed to your brand to the time they make a purchase. This requires a clear picture of your market and a strong purpose you constantly work towards.

3. Find ways to reduce instead of add

Instead of spending money and investing into new systems, have you checked where you can scale back?

Removing redundant processes or technology can free up time, increase efficiency and boost the customer experience. We can often get caught up in technology which creates more work so check if the systems you use are relevant.

Bartercard is a great way to reduce cash expenses and free up cash flow to support your business more effectively.

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