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4 steps to a better website

Written by Stephen Walsh on 05/09/2013 12:33:00 AM 0 Comment


There's often an interesting disconnect that happens with businesses and their websites. You often hear business owners say that they have no problem closing a deal once they get in front of the customer. This is because they know their product and they know how to sell the benefits. But then you visit their business website and you are met by a confusing site with bad graphics and no clear direction on what they want you to do.

It just makes you wonder, why is there a disconnect between the two?

There could be many answers to that question, including the fact that your wife's brother did it for you because he is such a tech savvy young man, or the fact that you built it yourself, after attending that 1 day web design symposium. I'm sure there's more to it than that but what else can explain the sometimes shocking difference between the savvy, smart business person, and the cheap, boring and ineffective website.

You and your team know what to do every day to bring in business. You get up in the morning, dress smartly, review your leads, call up the cold ones, meet with the warm ones and close deals. You do that because you know it brings you business.If something does not work, you change it, improve it, adapt and progress. The same should go for your website, because it is your digital sales person and draws from the payroll too. To give you an analogy….you hire a sales person but you don't take time to interview them thoroughly, or figure out how they will fit into the team and bring in more sales. You hire them because a friend of a friend said they are what you need.

Once hired, they arrive wearing tired clothes, worn out shoes, rainbow tie and just about everything else that went out of fashion in the 80's. After one week, two weeks they've brought you no sales.

You figure maybe it's how they dress, but that's not entirely it. They also don't understand sales lingo or how to talk to propective customers. Thinking of this scenario, any business owner would do one of two thing, fire them or expect them to shape up immediately.

So what do you do if your website is not working for you? Here are 4 steps to get you started:

Step 1 - Determine what your objective is and how the website will play a part in helping you to meet your sales targets?

Step 2 – What information do your visitors want when they come to your site?

Step 3 – What action do you want them to take?

  • If you want them to make a purchase, give them a simple and secure way to do this
  • If you want them to leave their details, provide a simple form that is visible throughout the site
  • If you want them to call you, make your phone number clear and tell them to call. E.g “Call now for a free quote”

Step 4 – Branding and design. Your visitors don’t want to be overwhelmed by flashing lights and brilliant colours. Just keep it simple. Use your logo and simple clean lines. You have 3 seconds to make a first impression so make your visitor stick.

Remember, your website is your digital sales person, make it accountable and bridge the gap so that there is less disconnect between your sales team, yourself and your website.

Stephen Walsh
Director of Lightship Digital
1300 769 672

At Lightship Digital we build websites that convert and bring you the money. We create digital strategies that encompass web design and we use tools such as SEO, PPC (Google Adwords) and social media to drive money into your bank account.


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