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4 tips to successfully outsource social media

Written by Helen Cartwright on 19/07/2017 10:35:18 AM 5 Comment

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Looking for a social media specialist to increase brand reach, influence and customers? Read these four tips first to take your brand from zero to hero.

In today’s business landscape, the most successful companies are crushing it on social media. Australian brands like Frank (skincare, going from a $5K start-up to a $20 million company via social), Messina (creative gelato and cakes, 110K Instagram followers) and Palm Beach Collection (eco-friendly, hand-poured candles, 20K Instagram followers) have market clout that keeps expanding. 

These examples show just how much social marketing can impact brand following, cut-through, interaction and sales, so picking the right specialist for your business is crucial! 

At the end of the day, your business’ ability to benefit from the social sphere will only go as far as your marketing specialist/digital marketing company takes you. These tips can assist you to find that right resource

1. First, map out what your social media looks like

Rather than jumping straight into contacting digital marketing companies, start by clarifying what’s most relevant to your business and industry for social media. Is it hard-hitting images (Messina’s eye-candy curation of gelato), video (a travel company, multi-media brand or a Go-Pro stockist), education (a financial advisor), memes (pop-culture brands like Pedestrian) or personality (some brands have a specific personality that actively talks to followers). Next, what does this require? This creates a robust set of criteria for measuring digital companies against once you start evaluating and comparing them. Jumping straight in can make you lose sight of why you’re hiring an expert in the first place.

2. Are you hiring to maximise exposure of a particular campaign? If so how long will it take? 

Upwork writes that the average social campaign runs for 1-6 months and can encompass everything from social media marketing strategy to writing services, graphic design, user-generated content, ads, client outreach and attracting market influencers. Determine what you want and how long it will take, to influence your outsourcing decision.

3. Ask questions

Can the person or company formulate content based on your customer blue print and create targeted campaigns in the social media platform? Ask them to provide a breakdown of the entire process. These five questions can help inform your decision and hire the right individual:

1. ‘What social platform(s) and marketing approaches do you think are the right fit for this company?’
2. ‘What customised approaches have you implemented?
3. ‘How have you dealt with negativity on social media in the past?’
4. How would you allocate funds for marketing?

Jump on their website as well which can indicate their level of experience.

4. How much does it cost?

The social media cost should vary depending on and the size and scope of your business and campaign. Upwork outlines social media pricing ballparks and standards here. You can source social media specialists on Bartercard to build a wide-reaching brand presence without the cash cost and boost your social media outreach – speak to your Bartercard trade co-ordinator for more information.

For more business tips and insight like this, jump on the Bartercard blog.


This type of online marketing drives brand following and sales conversions, builds brand ambassadors and cultivates a sophisticated brand – as long as you have the right person doing the job. In essence, a social media expert is a critical piece of you digital marketing strategy. But watch out; it’s a cluttered market, and choosing the right company can be trickier than you think!

About the Author

Helen Cartwright is a passionate blogger, who excels in digital marketing and technology. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics about creative ideas for Hloom. When not wired in marketing strategies, she a ghost-writer for a variety of authors who have their work published on leading online media channels like The Huffington Post and

Topics: outsourcing, social media marketing strategy, brand reach, influence, social media cost, social media outreach

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