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5 essentials for building strategic alliances

Written by Kingsley Colley on 04/03/2015 12:00:00 PM 0 Comment

No matter what your dreams or visions are, the key to achieving them is having strategic alliances.

I'm sure you've heard people say "He's a self-made man", or "She did it herself". It can appear this way from the outside, but the truth is there are no ‘self-made men or women’ and never will be.

Successful people who appear to sail solo around the world have a team of people helping them prepare, organise, strategise and ensure safety in impending danger. When Cadel Evans won the Tour de France, there was a monumental effort from a massive team that allowed him to take the glory. Glory he rightly deserved, however it was far from a solo effort.

Richard Branson is a "self-made man", but how many thousands of men and women have worked with him and for him, and have purchased his products and services which allowed him to become a "self-made man"?

This being the case, how do we have people we can rely on, strategic alliances that help us live our dream, and why would they want to anyway?

Listed below are the 5 essentials for building strategic alliances.

1. Be a giver

I do a lot of networking, and one thing I’ve noticed at events is people furiously handing out cards to get business. I used to attend these events to drum up business and of course that is why we network, but it’s become a secondary reason.

I now attend networking events with a very different approach and that’s to see what I can do to help other people. Since I started doing this, I've noticed people will approach me and ask what I can do for them. A great benefit of implementing this strategy is the long term relationships that are built. Years down the track the benefits for both parties are enormous.

Bartercard has some great networking events and people are always looking for ways to spend and earn trade dollars. When at your next Bartercard event ask a member how you can help them in their business and how they spend their trade dollars.

2. Appreciate people

When people buy from us, or do something that is of benefit to us we like to say thank you. If you want to build good long term relationships, this little extra effort can go a long way.

Hand written cards or a couple of movie tickets are ways in which you can say thank you. If you do something unexpected for your clients it will show them you appreciate their loyalty.

3. Become a resource for people

People are always looking for ways to learn more and improve themselves and their business. If you become a resource to them, you not only stand out as someone who is going out of your way to help them, but you also position yourself as the expert in your field. Send your customers blogs, articles and other resources as a constant value add, or if you know there is something they are looking for specifically.

4. Be yourself

When doing business we often put on a business tone and write communication formally. However when writing letters and emails, it's best to also be yourself. You’ll gain a much better response from people this way.

People like authenticity - that's you being you. The most successful people I know are very real, and most of the time you wouldn't know the success they’ve achieved.

5. Be patient

Strategic alliances are like friendships. They take time, energy and effort to develop. Once you have them though, the benefits to both parties are enormous.

Take your time, keep your vision and goal in mind, find out who you can help and you'll be amazed the alliances you build, and the people you meet who will genuinely want to help you.

Author: Kingsley Colley
Chief Dream Incubator or Dream Incubators
Ph: 0411 454 399
twitter: @dreamincubators

You were born to be happy and live on purpose.

This is true in our careers, working for aid organisations, in families, health; mental, physical and spiritual.

Dream Incubators has created your Business Dream Team to partner with you, and ensure your business gives you the life that you created your business for.


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