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5 key digital marketing strategies in 2017

Written by Tim Entwisle on 03/05/2017 2:34:22 PM 1 Comment


Technology is constantly evolving and its impact on the marketplace affects how businesses are marketing themselves.  To stand out in the market, we’ve listed five key marketing strategies to reach your customers in 2017.

1. Create digital intimacy with your customers

Technology has created a shift in how brands are reaching their customers, but although customer engagement is digital-centric, relationships still matter. ‘Digital intimacy’ is created by understanding who your customers are, what they want and tailoring your marketing strategy to fit their needs. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s not intimate.  Ensure you know who your customers are so you can really speak to them. 

STRATEGY: Engage a customer experience consultant to manage how your website manages your clients and visitors.

2. Get more value from your customer relationship management

In 2017 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is set to get much more sophisticated.  Apps are currently being built to recognise and report on customer trends, shifting the emphasis from analysing collected data to assessing information in the marketplace. 

STRATEGY: businesses need to look at what customer information they are generating and investigate simple ways to get value from it.

3. ROI and targeted social media spending

Targeted spending is an ever-increasing must in social advertising. The effectiveness of organic reach isn’t what it was, and constantly changing social media algorithms are making it harder for audiences to see your posts.  Interaction-based curation is steering businesses to pay for coverage which is a must in today’s market. 

STRATEGY: Invest a portion of your marketing budgets into native ads and promoted posts to successfully target your audiences. Also make sure your track your return on investment (ROI) in terms of views and clicks and tweak your campaign.

4. Don’t discard niche marketing

It’s an area easily overlooked, but niche marketing shouldn’t be underestimated.  The internet is a powerful tool to find specialist vendors and services, so in 2017 business success is achieved from catering to very specific niche audiences. Businesses can go deep rather than wide if they can make themselves easy to find – ensure you’re researching and catering to niche market segments and using the right keywords to get found. 

STRATEGY: offer specialised services and use very targeted advertising using social media and strong SEO.

Remembering the offline experience

Customers who have experienced seamless digital shopping are still looking for quality offline experiences – so ensure your online experiences matches the offline.  As we spend more time in the online marketplace, there’s an increasing need for ‘real-time’ shopping experiences to provide more connectedness. Customers dealing with real people have high-set expectations and want that experience to be worthwhile. 

STRATEGY: Frontline and customer service people need to provide a high quality offline experience. Make sure your business recognises the customers’ needs and is providing a quality offline experience.


Madrigal Communications is an Australian communication consultancy that helps professional organisations improve their profits and presentation by creating convincing and engaging content. Contact us for more information.


Topics: Digital marketing, online sales, marketing strategy, marketing, CRM

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