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5 minutes with Adel Badawy, Silverline Homes

Written by Klara Vida on 04/11/2015 9:02:40 AM 0 Comment


Saving approximately $170,000 on Bartercard has allowed Adel Badawy, Director of Silverline Homes, to invest more into expanding his construction business and has paved the way to a wider market for the developer.

Silverline Homes is shaping the streetscapes of Mornington Peninsula (south east of Melbourne) through custom-built apartment designs that combine style and practicality. Adel said his strategy of trading to conserve cash on Bartercard includes a continual supply agreement with local rendering company Naran Clad.

“We also sources painters, carpet suppliers and cleaners on Bartercard without a cash cost attached.”

In order to earn the digital currency, he sells building materials on Bartercard.

Adel said the current trend in construction is a practical approach to living built around quality, style and comfort.

“This is achieved through thoughtful design that minimises wastefulness,” he said.

“While the housing market is picking up and seeing a boost in construction, people are stepping into it with more caution so our aim is to custom build to their budget without compromising on comfort or aesthetic. Bartercard makes this achievable – for me it’s a solution that frees up cash flow, increases revenue, grows capital and forms the bedrock of strategic partnerships to expand our market.”


Klara Vida - Bartercard National Communication Executive

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