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5 minutes with James Eling, Founder of the Free Restaurant Online Ordering System (FROLO)

Written by Klara Vida on 25/06/2015 7:28:00 PM 0 Comment



Restaurant online ordering: a free system shakes up the industry

If you are a restaurateur you are most likely aware of the commissions charged by online ordering and marketing systems like Menulog, which has recently featured in industry media for its $855 million sale to the UK’s Just Eat (
Bartercard member and founder of the Free Restaurant Online Ordering System (FROLO) James Eling has recently appeared in BRW, calling a bubble on the 8-12 per cent commissions typically charged by restaurant online ordering platforms.
We spent 5 minutes chatting to James.


Can you tell us about the Free Restaurant Online Ordering System (FROLO), and the way it’s reshaping the industry?

We created FROLO as a loss leader for our overarching business Marketing4Restaurants which specialises in restaurant websites and customised marketing campaigns.  While most restaurant marketing platforms like Menulog and Delivery Hero typically charge an 8-12% commission for online bookings, FROLO is completely free so more restaurateurs are choosing to attract customers without the expensive price tag.  Rather than ordering through an external site like Menulog and paying expensive commissions, the order is done from the back-end of the restaurant’s website.   This is a break-through which is disrupting the industry by allowing business owners to forego the expensive commission costs.  

How is Marketing4Restaurants catering to the market?  
“We know the average profit margin for a restaurateur is less than 3% and many more are working 60 to 80 hours a week in their business. Consequently most only ever find the time to work in their business instead of creating new strategies to attract customers, and funding is usually tight.  Marketing4Restaurants supplies a series of online tools to attract food lovers and turn them into repeat customers, while reducing the costs on their online booking and ordering systems.”

What’s the key of a successful marketing campaign?  
“A successful marketing campaign always has a spill-on effect.  Crowds confirm quality for restaurant diners and more customers flock to busy establishments."

How do you use Bartercard?   
“We love Bartercard and use it to offset the cost of accommodation whenever we travel, cover the cost of corporate massages, treat our staff to gourmet lunches, Ferrari drive days and helicopter rides, and we have gained entry into international markets by using Bartercard to build a customer base.  We use Bartercard to save up to $50,000 in our business each year.”  

Author: Klara Vida

Bartercard National Communications Executive.

Contact Klara via or (+61) 07 5561 9094.

Topics: Intellectual Property, Trademarking

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