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5 ways to break the digital disconnect

Written by Klara Vida on 06/01/2016 5:19:32 PM 0 Comment

5waystobreakthedigitaldisconnect.pngToday most things in life are faster from the way we receive information, to the spending decisions we make and the way we travel, shop and make money.  Even our food is faster. According to The Guardian, the average person is exposed to approximately 3,500 marketing messages every day (on a side note, your brand is already competing against an ocean of messages, so make sure your market is getting the best one!) All of this has put a focus on simplifying life to break away from the flood of information we get every day, at least temporarily, to stay focused and complete tasks more efficiently.

The sentiment of scaling back has also infiltrated the business world. Disruptive ideas and business models requiring fewer resources to undercut bigger players tell a David and Goliath story and are created to make life more efficient. The trend is carving out services around the customer in new, creative, resourceful and time-saving ways to reshape industries and consumer habits.  Think long-distance calls (WhatsApp), CD stores (Spotify), DVD rentals (Netflix) and taxis (Uber).  Mobile payments are another digital disruptor undercutting EFTPOS, and in the case of bucqi, reward cards to boot.  bucqi is breaking new ground in 2016 by letting consumers make everyday transactions on their mobile phones without pulling out cash or cards, while earning bigger rewards which they can conveniently spend at multiple vendors. 

Today our daily habits are ingrained in technology and fraught with checking, browsing, communicating and even transacting on our mobile phones.  That’s because technology is making life more convenient and inclusive in a faster world.  But it also calls for a constant balancing act when it comes to staying focused and grounded.  So what happens when mobiles take over our lives?  It’s time to take a break!

Five ways to curb the digital disconnect

  1. Say goodbye to the phone 30 minutes before bed – checking your phone right before you go to bed is shown to disrupt sleep. Put it away for a better night’s rest.      
  2. Avoid checking your phone the minute you wake up – to take the temptation away, opt for an old-fashioned alarm clock instead.
  3. Out of sight, out of mind – studies show that once we’re distracted from a task, it takes 20 minutes to get back on track. Mobile phones can be a common source of distraction, so put yours away while you finish a bigger task.   
  4. Make some time for mobile-free activity – and talk to a person instead.

Topics: disruptive business models, bucqi, apps, digital, mobile payments, mobile technology

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