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5 ways to keep your mind, body and business in shape!

Written by Rachel Smith on 29/03/2017 2:19:01 PM 0 Comment


When you own a business, not only is time precious, but setting aside the time to stay healthy and exercise is hard. You barely find the time to eat and sleep let alone haul yourself to a gym.

But in today’s fast-paced world, stopping for a moment and investing into your health can’t be underestimated when it comes to reaping results in your business. 

If you’re not feeling 100%, you don’t run at optimal and this can affect your business down the track. Exercising also has a myriad of benefits – including dissipating stress, anxiety and curing a list of ailments.
Even as a gym owner, I find it difficult to do the exercises I know I should, purely because having a business is so time consuming and a little like having home-gym equipment – there are so many distractions, and it’s easy to put it off for later. But there are a few tips and tricks which can help you work out.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that adults from 18-65 years of age get 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise weekly, OR 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise. In a truly ideal scenario, this number is doubled.

Additionally, they recommend squeezing in strengthening exercises using major muscle groups twice per week or more.

Now, with great nutrition your body can be very forgiving and not make you put on a whole load of extra kilos, however with nutrition alone you don’t experience the physical benefits of exercise, such as improved circulation and concentration, increased muscle tone and power, and the full extent of benefits to mental health. Most of all, exercise can help you stay sane and reduce stress to help you make better business decisions every day.

So, as busy business owners, how do you keep your health, as well as your business in check?

1. Ingrain exercise into your schedule

75 minutes of training per week can be done in ways that work into your personal lifestyle and slot into your schedule, it just requires creativity. Can you ride to work? Can you organise a workplace personal training session twice weekly? The more people exercising at once, the more the individual price per PT session goes down and you will raise the morale and productivity of your staff members too, as well as contributing to their health. 

2. Break it down 

If 10-15 minutes every day is too hard, then aim for 25 minutes three times a week.  Or 35-40 minutes twice a week.  Trust me, you will still improve your fitness and strength by training just twice weekly - although 3-4 times is more ideal.

3. Up the intensity to reduce time

When doing so, to make sure that you warm up properly and do exercises correctly to avoid injury, because as you move further towards your physical limits, the risk of injury goes up.  A great trainer can ensure that your technique is correct so that this doesn’t become an issue for you.

4. Throw yourself into it

It only takes repeating something a few times to set-up a routine which eventually becomes automatic.  Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier to exercise and it will turn into habit sooner than you think. 

5. Find something you love... (or at least enjoy)

And exercise will automatically become easier.  It might be yoga, jujitsu, swimming or boxing, in a gym, or outside. 

There are a number of personal training options available on Bartercard, and also quite a few fitness centres. If doing in-workplace fitness is too hard to organise, why not reward high performance staff with vouchers for gym memberships or personal training in their own time?

Check out what’s available in your area now – visit

Author: Rachel Smith, owner of BodySmith Fitness.

Rachel studied a bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2003-2006.  After spending seven years in that industry, she wanted to work with a healthier demographic while still utilising her physiotherapy knowledge, so she and her husband Matt opened a fitness centre in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Australia.  Her fitness pursuits have included gymnastics and weightlifting, and she also has a black belt in Shotokan karate (don’t mess with her!).  Weight loss and injury management are her areas of expertise.  Do you have a question?  She will do her best to answer it.  Send emails to


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