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6 show-stopping event tips to create more sales

Written by Pat Grosse on 17/06/2015 4:45:00 PM 0 Comment
EVENTS6 show-stopping event tips to create more sales  

Have you attended events that just seem to be about the presenters or fall short on the venue, food, interaction or opportunities to work the room?  

Whether you are planning a business event, launch, conference or workshop, event expert Pat Grosse shares 6 proven ways to turn the crowd into customers who will buy from you again and again.

1. Wine and dine your presenters before the event
If your event has guest presenters, invite all of them out for a meal together beforehand. Doing so will make the event even more welcoming and inclusive, because the speakers will be relaxed and confident enough to exchange friendly banter.  

A meal together is an opportunity to find out what else is on the horizon that could mean new opportunities for your business.  Why not visit a restaurant on Bartercard and treat your presenters to break the ice?

2. Good food, great event
Cater with restaurant-class food.  Food can make or break an event and is remembered long after the event has passed.  If it’s bad the attendees will talk about it.  
There are too many events where lunch isn’t supplied, or there isn’t a single location for attendees to eat together; resulting in missed networking opportunities. Not supplying lunch triggers the temptation to go back to the office and miss the afternoon session, equalling lost sales.  
Most registration fees include morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunch, so if your attendees are paying for the food, make sure it meets their expectations.  Source catering through Bartercard’s extensive list of restaurants and catering services to feed your hungry crowd.

3. Pick the right venue
Surroundings are important, and a professional venue is a key aspect of a world-class event.  Conversely, a poor venue will drag the event down.    

Pick a venue that’s easy to locate, with good lighting, comfortable seating and climate control to provide an environment conducive to learning.  

4. Give them something to take away
People love to leave with something.  A conference pack with information from the event is always a good idea, but you don't have to spend hours filling packs these days.  Instead, send out links to useful eBooks, reports and copies of the presentation slides.  

You might want to get your event sponsored and give away a goodie bag at the end filled with products supplied by the sponsors – but always ensure there is synergy between your sponsors, the gifts they are supplying and the message you are conveying.  

Always follow up on your promise of sending your audience the presentation slides after the event.  There’s nothing worse than being told not to take notes, then not receiving the presentation.

5. Get the balance right  
From my experience with running events, the formula for conferences is simple - the speakers are always followed up with interactive workshops.  Don't waste your workshop time on presentations - at this point the audience is ready to interact, explore the topics and ask questions.

6. Focus on feedback  
When I deliver training workshops I always send out pre-course questionnaires to gauge what participants want.  This information is then used to adapt the delivery.  In the older days it was the fax machine that was whirring for days before an event; today it just takes a survey link on email.  Don't waste the opportunity.  

The jewel in the crown is the evaluation form at the end.  Aim for at least 85% of participants returning their forms before leaving. You don’t need to bribe them with door prizes, just ask.  Don’t take negative feedback personally; consider the trends and messages coming through.  

But the treasure trove in the feedback form always lies in two questions - what they want next (follow up) and if they would like to be notified of future events directly.  Capture their details and ask for their permission to be contacted directly (alternatively and better yet, do this in the registration process). You now have a database to market to.

What does implementing all of these steps mean for you?  It will help to create a professional event that builds trust and credibility, and sets the right environment for the audience to take up your products and services.

Creating award-winning events with Bartercard
Don’t scrimp - use Bartercard to support your event.  Treat your presenters to dinner – they’ll pay you back with a first class experience for your participants.  Host your event at a venue on Bartercard, delight your participants with restaurant-class food, purchase specialist equipment like staging and conference banners, and make use of local printing services through the network.  Use Bartercard to value-add to your customer experience and create a show-stopping event.   

About Pat Grosse, Owner of the Community Entrepreneur
After spending ten years organising conferences that attracted international audiences and professional development programs that were continually over-subscribed, Pat came to Australia in 2000 with the intention to slow the pace. She settled into a role she enjoyed, but in 2012 something changed.  She was asked to assist in organising a large-scale conference which pulled her back into the fast-paced world of events.
Try her tips for yourself or contact Pat to discuss how her team can help you with running a world-class conference or event.   

Pat Grosse – The Community Entrepreneur
Ph: (03) 9005 5889

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