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6 tips to build a great sales team for your business

Written by Jennefer Brunetti on 18/10/2017 1:44:13 PM 1 Comment



How to build a great sales team for your business

Where are all the sales superheroes at?  It’s probably about time you’ve found them. When you’re trying to build a great sales team for your business, you want to approach the process a little differently than you would if you were hiring regular customer service staff. Proficiency in sales is both a talent and an art, and not every candidate will be great in a sales position.  When you’re starting your search, you’ll want to keep exactly what you need in mind.

But first, are sales people still relevant in a digital world of online sales?  

Whilst outbound marketing, where brands put themselves directly in front of customers, used to be the dominant approach, today more customers are researching products and services before making a purchase, often online where brands have accordingly shifted. But according to sources, sales people still hold a relevant place when it comes to buying decisions. Hubspot describes that buyers are most likely to be swayed by interactions with sales people and use online content in addition to (not in place of) sales advice - so sales people and online content are complementing each other.
Considering this, use these 6 tips to build a great sales team.

   1. Start with a plan

It isn’t enough to merely hire people with sales experience. If you’re hiring an expert car salesman to sell beauty products, things probably won’t work out as well as you’d hope. Think about industries that are similar, or other companies who use the same sales process you use. This will give you an idea of the kind of background that you should be looking for. These are the kinds of employees who are more likely to be productive and effective as soon as they’re hired.

   2. Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing

Competition is vital to sales. You need to be doing a better job than your competitors if you want to succeed. Before you start building your team, examine what your competitors are doing. How can you innovate against their sales process? What kind of team would you need to build in order to hold your own in a competitive market? You might want to select people with special skills that would make your strategy possible. 

   3. Write a Strong Job Description

In order to be sure you’re drawing in the right kind of applicants, start by writing a strong job description. Before you copy and paste a generic block of text on Gumtree, think seriously about what you’re looking for. If you’re honest about what the job entails, you’re more likely to draw in candidates who fully understand what they’re applying for. You can even include a video that shows your current employees and your working environment.

   4. Pick Diverse Candidates

While all of your candidates need to have a primary strength in sales, you don’t want every member of your team to have the exact same skillset. In order to have the kind of innovative energy you need to try new approaches and become more successful, you need every member of your team to be a little bit different. Every customer or client you work with will be a different kind of person, and you need to have team members who are capable of seeing every point of view.  

  5. Always Measure and Adjust

The only way you’ll ever know whether or not your sales team is truly great is by measuring their progress. They may not move mountains at first – they’ll need some time to get a feel for their jobs and establish a system that works for them. What you want to see is how their abilities are growing and at what rate this growth is occurring. You’ll be able to spot weak links before they begin to bring the rest of the team down and replace them if necessary. You’ll also be able to empower your top performers and let them help shape the future of your business.
Synergy is one of the most important things. No matter how you choose to assemble or manage your team, you need to be sure that they’ll work well together. Teams win.

  6. Always Use Bartercard to enhance your business and incentivise staff without the cash cost

Bartercard has modernised the age old practice of swapping apples for oranges to help members succeed.  Today thousands of members locally and world-wide exchange products and services to enhance their business and strengthen it – this includes treating their staff to incentives like accommodation vouchers, massages, dining and more to make them feel valued and appreciated so they will stay.  Just ask your trade co-ordinator about ideas for staff incentives.  

Jennefer Brunetti is all about providing useful content and sharing her experiences. With a bcakground in business administration, she's most interested in entrepreneurship & job market trends.

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