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8 things internet superstars do to make sales online!

Written by Clinton Kopittke on 12/08/2015 3:26:00 PM 2 Comment
Make sales online

Everyday more Bartercard traders are becoming aware of the potential and power of selling from within the online trading platform MYBC. Many members are achieving sales within just a few days, if not hours, of creating a new listing and are recognising a real opportunity to boost their business.

We spoke to our ecommerce manager Clinton Kopittke, who sees first hand, what actions successful members are taking every day, to make thousands in online sales. He also notes the simple mistakes some sellers make, that are over looked and often result in lost sales.

He provides the following tips for success online.

1. Communication

It is vitally important that if someone has trusted you enough to purchase one of your offers, you make contact within 24hrs. Just because you are selling electronically, where you often don’t see or speak to the buyer, doesn't mean general business communication practices go out the window.
Making contact with a buyer in a timely manner, builds trust, puts their mind at ease, and they believe that you intend to follow through on your promise. Ask yourself, how you would like to be communicated to if you were the buyer?

2. Transparency

You want to position what you are selling in the best possible light in order to make sales, but you don’t want to be deceptive or misleading about it. You might snag a few unsuspecting victims with dirty tricks, but ultimately it will come back to bite you in the end. Honestly it’s not worth it! The amount of time and energy that’s wasted going back and forth trying to settle a dispute, is not worth the hassle. Be clear, be honest and reveal as much detail as possible about an item you are selling. If the item you're selling has a scratch or a ding, make it clear. Your buyer will appreciate the honesty and want to do business with you in the future.

3. Detail

Providing as much detail as possible, about an offer you have made, is vital for converting a lead into a paying customer. You will be amazed at how many people view your listing and decide not to buy, because there just wasn’t enough information included. If you are creating a listing with the intention to sell it, take the time to provide detail, otherwise there is no point slapping up something quick with not enough information included.

4. Images

Now that everyone has a smartphone, there are no excuses for poor quality images. The more clearly you can show a product, the better. Try position it near a window, turn all the lights on, shine a spot light on the image, anything to remove shadows, so a buyer can clearly see what you are selling. If using MYBC, make sure you provide a minimum of four images.

5. Delivery

Take the guesswork out of the costs involved in postage/delivery. Try and include delivery in the price if possible and/or offer a flat postage rate on smaller items. When it comes to larger items, list the postage costs for capital cities around Australia, so a potential buyer has a rough estimate of how much it will cost to obtain the goods. It might seem better for you (the seller) to state that shipping is the buyer’s responsibility, but it may cost you sales. If selling something large that you could potentially drop off locally on your way to work, consider listing it as free local delivery. Doing this makes it easier for the buyer to receive the goods, and they are more likely to buy from you again.

6. Think laterally and create packages

If you are a mechanic, offer a bundled package that includes oil change, wheel alignment, suspension and engine clean. If you are a restaurant, package a dinner for two with a bottle of champagne. Give people ideas! MYBC is free advertising for your business. Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Create value for others and bundle your product/service into attractive packages!

7. Make your listing ‘Featured’

It’s worth investing an extra $5.95 to get your listing featured on MYBC, which will place your offer in the prime position on the home page. This will place your listing in front of thousands of Bartercard members when they first login, as well as catch them when they are in a buying frame of mind and looking to spend.

8. High Standards

It is clear that the people who are making thousands in online sales have incredibly high standards.

The standard of their offer, listing or presentation is representative of their attitude and the results follow. For example, the best restaurants who attract the most customers and make the most sales, generally have the best standards. From the moment you walk in, the premisis is exceptional and attention has been applied to the finer details.

In contrast, the worst restaurants are the exact opposite. The premises is poor and you can tell very little attention has been given to create an inviting environment. These restaurants struggle to attract customers and blame the world for their poor results.

This is exactly the same when creating a listing online, if you maintain high standards and take the time to present an exceptional offer, whilst paying attention to the finer details, you are guaranteed to attract high quality customers and increase your sales success.

Following these simple steps will help you succeed in online sales and attract new customers to your business.

MYBC is free for Bartercard members and will attract new customers who are actively looking to spend.

Author: Clinton Kopittke

eCommence Manager
Bartercard Australia



Topics: Bartercard, starting up your business, online marketing,, online business,, online sales

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