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Top 8 tips for reaching your long-term goals

Written by Linda McMahon on 10/06/2015 1:00:00 PM 3 Comment

Are you reaching your financial goals?

Time management and accountability expert Linda McMahon shares some insight on how instant results and bright distractions can sabotage your time management and impact on the bigger picture. When the New Financial Year rolls around, do you set goals enthusiastically?

For many small business owners the reality is you can quickly get stuck back working in your business instead of on it and the bigger picture tasks that don’t get instant results seem to be put off.

So why do habits that obtain instant results often sabotage our long-term goals?
• As humans, we are hard-wired to be drawn to pleasure and avoid pain and many of us are seeking instant gratification.

• It may be from completing tasks in a familiar way that creates instant outcomes and gratification - similar to buying something that makes you feel good, eating something that gives you comfort or the instant relaxation you feel when lying on the couch watching the TV. However, if you make better choices by not getting distracted, not purchasing something you can’t afford or not eating and drinking the wrong things, will you achieve instant wealth, weight loss or health? The answer is no and this is where the problem lies. In the current times of credit cards, technology and everything instant at our fingertips, many of us expect satisfaction quickly. We are drawn to instant results and shiny new objects because our brain connects this with a reward. Whilst achieving long term goals and the bigger picture takes more time, effort, work, consistency and often sacrifices, it does create greater results in the long run which can change the future and the outlook of your business, happiness and personal wealth.
So, how can we set ourselves up to reach our long-term goals and break sabotaging habits?

Top 8 tips for reaching your long-term goals 

1. Your goals must excite you and really light you up.

2. The long-term goal must be heart-based. Often a heart-based goal has nothing to do with your business or money – however, it’s what your business and money can allow you to pursue – such as a better lifestyle, more freedom, or the ability to help people or give back to the community in some way.

3. The way you work towards your goal must be congruent with your values or you will be pushing uphill.

4. Assess your current habits and rituals to see if they are sabotaging your productivity.

5. Set yourself SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART).

6. You must acknowledge and prepare for the possible hurdles ahead.

7. You must make yourself accountable to the right person or group on a weekly basis.

8. Reward yourself along the way for staying on track.

Extra Tip: Outsource to experts where you can!

While being an expert in your field allows you to service your customers at a higher level, you shouldn’t be executing every aspect of your business – such as accounting, marketing, PR, legal and SEO all in one. This needn’t be an expensive outlay if you use Bartercard members for these various services. Outsourcing areas of your business to qualified professionals will not only create better output and a higher level of service, but increase efficiency and let you focus on working strategically to achieve your long term goals.

If you are still not keen on goal setting or seriously pursuing the goals you set for yourself, think about the reasons why. Maybe you have failed reaching goals before and so avoid setting them to limit disappointment.

The truth is without goals you can get caught up in the fast pace of life and lose track of what’s important to you. As business owners you need to stretch and grow - it’s what will keep you motivated, happy, energised, focused and productive. This is why goal setting is vital for long term success. Why settle for average when you can live extraordinary?Achieving your long-term goals with Bartercard has 24,000 global members including accountants and financial planners without the cash cost, giving you greater access to achieving your long-term business goals and more time to work strategically. Visit to see the full list of trading options at Bartercard. 

About the author:

Running a successful home-based business for the past 12 years, Linda McMahon has made time management and business systems her specialty. She has assisted many successful business women from high management and start-up business owners to entrepreneurs running their own multi-million dollar companies to achieve higher levels of focus and income, more energy, stronger relationships and a better lifestyle. Linda is the author of a number of e-books including Time Saving Tips for Business Women, How to Set up a Support System, The Four Day Weekend, Women Authors, Women in Direct Selling, and Women in Organics and Networking.

Bartercard does not provide any financial advice and recommends that each business consults with their financial advisors.

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