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8 ways to get more customers

Written by Emily Johnson, Psychologist, MAPS on 31/07/2013 10:11:00 PM 0 Comment


For any business to grow and flourish, new customers are essential. In order to get more customers, a business owner would typically hire additional sales people, advertise, reduce prices or offer incentives.

What are you currently doing to get customers?

Using your existing customer attraction strategies, have you ever figured out what your actual customer acquisition cost is?

Isadora Carpenter-Rowland from Freedom Recruiting understands that obtaining new clients costs money so 10 years ago set out to determine what would work in her business, to bring in more customers and reduce her customer acquisition costs. What she discovered was a network of 20,000 businesses in Australia that use Bartercard to facilitate new business introductions and provide a savvy way to reduce the overall costs in the business. “The beauty of Bartercard is that it provides me with another source of customers and the fees that Bartercard charge I assign to advertising costs as  Bartercard is an advertising avenue for my business”, says Isidora.

How can I get customers?
Here we provide you with solutions to your questions of where to find customers and how to make money all without outlaying large amounts of cash on advertising, small business marketing, promotions and giveaways.
Members of Bartercard are using the network to attract customers and retain existing customers by…

  1. advertising their business to new national and international markets via Bartercard’s international online directory and utilise the services of their local office to promote their business within the local community
  2. selling their products and services at biannual Trade shows
  3. obtaining leads/referrals at business to business networking events
  4. spending the Bartercard trade dollars they’ve earned from additional sales on advertising, sponsorships and public relations to attract customers and keep more cash within their business
  5. engaging the services of Business consultants and or Training organisations, who are members of Bartercard, to train their staff in customer service and communication skills
  6. packaging their products or services with a product or services purchased in Bartercard to generate value added benefits to their customers
  7. expanding their product line by purchasing new stock from Bartercard wholesalers to attract customers
  8. engaging in sponsorships by using Bartercard trade dollars to promote their business within the local community

Chartered Accountant Byron Palmer, from Letizia Palmer, understands business and says, “Bartercard provides an opportunity to expand your business market, be promoted to other businesses, and gain increased profitability.”
By utilising all the customer attraction strategies that Bartercard provide, members are reducing their cost of customer acquisition. Peter Butler, from Smarter Websites says “for my business gaining new clients, through referrals, is the most effective way to gain extra business.  Bartercard provides the perfect forum for this, through its various networking events”.
New customers create a busyness which in turn can draw more customers to your business. This increase in activity can assist to motivate business owners and increase productivity. To get more customers and feel energised by your business, talk to Bartercard about the solutions that they provide businesses.Watch this video on how to gain more customers and read about other great ways on how you could use Bartercard in your business.



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