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Bartercard Top Trading Tips

Written by Klara Vida on 23/11/2016 8:18:07 AM 0 Comment

Ever wonder how Bartercard’s most successful members trade?  In this week’s blog, we have the most creative deals and road-tested tips from Bartercard’s top traders.

Rising to the top with Bartercard

Whether you like your bread savoury, sweet, crusty, classic or artisanal, Bakers Delight has been baking it since 1980. One franchisee of the popular bread brand has created a partnership with Bartercard to maximise sales. “We need to make a high volume of sales every day to stay viable. Bartercard has helped me grow my customer base and sell excess products, leaving me with less bread wasted at the end of each day,” said Ryan Kirkham, owner of Bakers Delight franchises in Kawana and Maroochydore, Queensland. “Bartercard really fits in with our ‘baked fresh daily’ approach. On average our sales have jumped by approximately $40,000 per year with Bartercard – that’s a lot of loaves!

Bartercard lands electrical business its biggest cash job

In a competitive male-orientated industry, Sharyn Watson is crushing stereotypes as the only female operator of an electrical business on the Gold Coast. She recently landed her biggest cash job when a Bartercard contract led to a referral at a resort on the Gold Coast.

“It’s our biggest cash job to date and now we have a continual supply agreement to maintain the resort’s electricals and air-conditioning,” said Sharyn. She said the three most important things to customers is showing up, cleaning up and following up which the company sticks to rain, hail or shine. She uses Bartercard to cash convert, spending T$25,000 for light fittings in Bartercard trade dollars and selling them for $25,000 cash.

In exchange for trade dollars, Sharyn has prepaid out her office telephones and internet for two years, a big cash saving in her pocket. She’s also building a house and conserving $50,000 in cash by using trade dollars to pay for trades. Her tip is to treat Bartercard customers just like cash-paying clientele. “Putting Bartercard and cash clients into different categories can come at a cost,” she said. “Always treat clients equally and the results will speak for themselves.”

Cashless Uber investment

Here’s a smart trading tip to keep up your sleeve. One Bartercard member has capitalised on Uber, the ride sharing service which has swept Australia. The business owner bought a car on Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC, listed it on Gumtree as an Uber rental vehicle for a set cash amount per week and the car is paying for itself – not a bad extra revenue stream!

Buying a block of land with the press of a button

Sean Levy, the owner of Sub Zero Vending and distributor of vending machines nationally recently purchased a block of land through Bartercard’s trading platform MYBC with the press of a button on his smartphone. “The land is in Townsville and was selling at a distress rate of $15,000,” said Sean. “My Trade Co-ordinator told me about the deal which was listed on MYBC, where you can trade 24/7. I bought the property on trade and then hired a lawyer on Bartercard to complete all the paperwork.”

Couran Cove splashes out

Couran Cove Island Resort is a piece of paradise on the Gold Coast which has used one small card to turn empty rooms into cash. Asserting that one of the biggest challenges in any resort is filling room nights, Couran Cove director, Lachlan McIntosh said he’s used Bartercard to maximise bookings and revenue. “Couran Cove has 350 rooms and whether they’re filled or empty we still have the fixed expenses of running a resort,” he said.

“Bartercard helps us fill those empty rooms at undiscounted rates paid in an alternative currency of trade dollars. We then use those trade dollars to purchase wine through Bartercard which we sell to visitors for cash – so suddenly an empty room becomes $200 in revenue.”


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