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Celebrating in your Business

Written by Karen Nankervis on 22/10/2014 2:41:00 PM 0 Comment
There are endless reasons to celebrate in your business, and with all the benefits it brings, celebrating should be a significant part of your planning and engagement with customers, staff and colleagues.

Celebrations bring energy and motivation; they acknowledge success and encourage creativity and innovation. Outcomes of celebrating include closer working relationships being fostered, and staff and customers feeling a greater sense of worth within the business. And yet it’s very easy to brush over the opportunities to celebrate because we are busy, short on cash or we simply miss the opportunity.

Business owners know the obvious reasons to celebrate - occasions that are mainly around success and achievement within business - like your business anniversary, or receiving a prestigious award; staff dinners or team building events.

Let’s look at a couple of reasons that you may not have thought of:

Public holidays and events
Often in business we find we go over and over the same old marketing ideas but there are certain days each year that give us the perfect opportunity to put together a promotion and a celebration all in one. Public holidays celebrate an event; whether it’s recognition of a historical event, like Australia Day, or of a present day event, like Melbourne Cup.

How can you celebrate these public events in your business, and include your staff and customers? Can you host a PJ day at the start of the school holidays, or a ‘Race Meeting’ including a sweep on Oaks Day? What about a fundraising event to celebrate a charity day like Daffodil Day?

Achieving a personal goal
This might seem like something that your customers and staff won’t be interested in, but you may be surprised. Other people’s achievements often encourage us to tackle that goal we’ve always wanted to accomplish, but were too busy or afraid to attempt. You show the personal side of your business, and that you are someone successful they will want to do business with. Sharing your story and celebrating your achievement may also encourage others to achieve their goals.

Between now and the end of 2014, there are numerous opportunities to celebrate in any business. Will you be engaging with your staff and customers, and scheduling in celebration time? Or will you get to January and remember all the missed opportunities?

As a Bartercard member, you have another great reason to celebrate!

You are part of a network of businesses where you can use your trade dollars to celebrate events – take your team to dinner; hire costumes or a limo; send out flyers to promote your event; congratulate with flowers – grab your Bartercard directory and flick through, the offers available with spark celebration ideas for you.

On a personal note, in September 2014 My Beechworth Secretary turned 10, an achievement that I am very proud to celebrate. It started because of family circumstances and has been the best ‘forced’ decision for me. It’s been 10 years of wonderful clients, interesting work (and a few challenges) and I’ve been surrounded by an amazing team. Every day I wake up excited about what I will be doing.

Author: Karen Nankervis

P: 0407 261927
PO Box 270, Beechworth 3747

To celebrate 10 years, Karen has written an ebook called ‘10 Reasons to Celebrate in Business, and 21 Ways How’ which expands on this article.

You can download your free copy at

The team at My Beechworth Secretary are great at celebrating and we’d love to help you make celebrating a key part of your business. Our services are extensive and innovative, perfect for working together to create a culture of celebration.

Karen Nankervis is The Simplification Strategist and owner of My Beechworth Secretary.

She works with small business owners to identify and break down the structures and restrictions that suffocate them, and create simple processes and solutions to achieve their goals and give them back their life.


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