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Coast company reduces $6,000 in business expenses a month

Written by Bartercard Australia on 10/08/2016 5:17:17 PM 0 Comment


Con-x-ion-blog-image.jpgCoast company reduces $6,000 in business expenses a month

Gold Coast company Con-x-ion Airport Transfers has approximately $6,000 extra in bank each month with Bartercard. Here's how... 

Con-x-ion Airport Transfers: It’s a wrap!

Anyone in business will know how vital liquid capital is, and getting cut-through in the market is a sure-fire way to keep cash flowing through the business. Bartercard is another way. One Gold Coast company is doing both – they’re getting their vehicles wrapped in branding from roof to wheel to give them maximum exposure in a competitive market, all without spending cash. To find out how Con-x-ion Airport Transfers have used Bartercard to attract new customers and conserve cash every day, we spoke to the company’s General Manager David Goodenough.


Long before round-the-clock service was offered in the luxury market, Con-x-ion Airport Transfers were already doing it. Their 24- hour pick up, door-to-terminal transfer service ensures clients reach the airport on time, fuss-free.

In addition to transfers between private residences or hotels and airports, Con-x-ion’s Queensland mini or maxi coach services include charters, event, theme park and attraction transfers, and coastal discovery tours. They’ve truly tuned into the market to turn themselves into the leader of speedy transfers, even doing golf pick-ups for the fuss-free player.


Apart from wrapping their vehicles on Bartercard to reach a wide audience on the road without the cash expenses, Con-x-ion also uses the cashless marketplace to cover the cost of marketing collateral, corporate gifts and advertising in magazines, conserving approximately $6,000 in cash each month. It’s a significant saving and David said he earns approximately $50,000 in the digital currency each year which he uses to keep more cash in the business.

David said the key to any successful business is finding a gap in the market and understanding your target customer inside-out, using that information to create a cutting edge service which is so streamlined and efficient customers won’t think twice about using you, and most importantly, being seen in the market which is where the wraps have worked so well.

“Building Con-x-ion Airport Transfers entailed a lot of ground work to create a service that consumers were looking for, which in essence is a fuss-free coach service that takes the worry out of reaching a destination quickly and on-time,” he said. “Bartercard has assisted us to reach a bigger market quickly and conserve more cash in the business everyday whilst putting the brand directly in front of consumers by literally turning our coaches into advertising.“

“It’s not only been cost effective, but it works and today we are the leading coach service company in south east Queensland.” Tourism is big business in southern Queensland, and Con-x-ion is well-placed to provide a convenient service that takes the stress out of travelling. The company has also shown it’s possible to capitalise on the cashless marketplace to leverage brand reach, increase customers, conserve cash and boost cash flow – certainly all pluses for any business enterprise!



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