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Conserve cash on property, holidays and renovations with Bartercard

Written by Bartercard Australia on 31/08/2016 10:00:00 AM 0 Comment



Conserve cash on real estate, holidays and renovations with Bartercard

After pouring money into the business during start up, continual expenses and a competitive market to boot, there’s often little left over to spend on anything non-essential.  Luckily Bartercard members can spend trade dollars on property, accommodation and renovations to keep valuable cash in the business. 

One of the main reasons people go into business is to enjoy a better lifestyle. However, after pouring money into the business during start up, continual expenses and a competitive market to boot, there’s often little left over to spend on anything non-essential.

Bartercard members have the advantage of being able to pay for lifestyle costs without spending cash, or only part-pay cash on significant expenses like property, holidays and renovations. They do this by indirectly trading their products and services for property deposits, accommodation worldwide, home renovations and furnishings, entertainment and dining out, so they can enjoy a better lifestyle with Bartercard.

Matt Alderton, founder of Bx, Business for Life, an SME training and events company, sees first-hand the frustrations of business owners. At the start of his program he asks his participants to reflect on why they got into business in the first place. Was it for money, lifestyle, more family time or something else? His real question is… have you achieved your why? Very often, the answer is no.

“Generally there are three main concerns for small business owners,” Matt said. “One, lack of money, two, lack of time and three, the additional stress. I advocate Bartercard to business owners because it can grow their business really quickly through the marketing avenues available and then they can spend the extra income on holidays or personal expenses without withdrawing any cash reserves from the business or eating into the family budget.”

Spending on Bartercard is a perfect way to improve your lifestyle, guilt free. For many business owners, there’s often guilt associated with personal indulgences or spending on anything non-essential, especially in the early days when almost every cent is poured into the start-up. The upshot of Bartercard is you don’t need to spend cash on many lifestyle costs and everyday purchases.

“My wife and I don’t buy wasteful presents for each other but often I’ll buy her things on Bartercard that I know she’ll use like spa vouchers and beauty products“, said Matt. “When we spend trade dollars on lifestyle expenses, we can enjoy those splurges so much more because we’re not spending cash.”

Colin Hatcher, owner of Speedie Shoe Repairs uses Bartercard to fund lifestyle costs to conserve his cash flow. While shoe repairs and key cutting is the bread and butter of his business, he said that selling remotes and engraved pet tags on Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC has attracted a new market of customers around Australia.

“Even if you’re quiet in the cash ecomony you’re still earning a digital currency which you can use to cover a host of lifestyle costs without reaching into your pocket,” he said. “I’ve had two bathrooms fitted out on Bartercard, paid for a chiropractor that would have cost me thousands of dollars in cash, and accommodation in Yamba for a family holiday which let me keep $1700 in my pocket.”

Joining Bartercard not only lets you attract new customers, conserve cash and grow profits in your business, but it lets you enjoy a better lifestyle without emptying the coffers!


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