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Cutting deals and ‘trading up’

Written by Bartercard Australia on 03/12/2015 8:39:27 AM 0 Comment


Is all in a day’s work for Judy Bartlett 

Judy Bartlett from Rapid Response First Aid Training joined Bartercard some six years ago and saw an opportunity to negotiate deals with larger clients that might otherwise overlook her Sunshine Coast based business in favour of bigger competitors.  

Rapid Response First Aid Training conducts first aid training for individuals, and for businesses that are now required by law to have a number of staff members accredited in first aid.  It’s become a highly competitive industry in the past few years and it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd.  So what’s Judy’s secret?  Flexible thinking and a little determination.  

Trading in work for a holiday

Travelling is not easy, logistically or financially, when you have four children.  However when you have initiative and boldness to cut a deal with large clients, the world is your oyster.  

Judy’s first big success was winning the business of the Hyatt Regency on the Sunshine Coast.  She offered to exchange her services for a one week holiday package of equivalent value.  The deal would save the Hyatt several thousands of dollars in cash so they were happy to ‘trade’ a luxury deal that included the executive suite, meals and golfing for two.  

With the Hyatt in the same area as Judy, there was little point in her using the package.  Instead she sold it through Bartercard which allowed her to purchase a holiday for her whole family to the Cook Islands.  

Following that successful trade, Judy negotiated a similar deal with a rainforest resort in Northern Queensland and again sold the holiday package on Bartercard.  She said the funds would go to a holiday package in Vanuatu.  “There are some really great packages available on Bartercard, the hardest decision is which one to go for!”  The benefits of that deal didn’t end there – the resort continued to engage Judy’s services in the years that followed, but began to pay in cash.  

Judy said all of these deals have contributed to increasing cash business.  “It’s good to have major businesses on my client list.  It really gets my name out there.”

More flexible thinking – tax deductable trade spending 

Judy enjoys using her trade dollars to satisfy her travel bug, but she does recognise the value of using them in a way that benefits her financially. As the owner of an investment property, she spends trade dollars on services for her rental property that are tax deductible and also allow her to offer a well-maintained property to maximise cash rental returns – including pool cleaning, gardening and painting services.  She also purchases advertising and marketing-related items for her business. 

Where to next? 

Judy plans to purchase accommodation on Bartercard and is just waiting to spot the right deal.  

Her message is not to limit yourself by selling just your products or services on Bartercard.  “Engage in a little flexible thinking and offer to accept payment in your clients’ products or services and then on-sell these through Bartercard.  You too could then indulge in a family holiday!”


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