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FACT! Selling locally is easier than you think

Written by Ian Renton on 03/09/2014 12:08:00 PM 0 Comment
Look For Easy Sales – Part 3

Many people make it a point to support local businesses and industries. For example, Australian-made products and locally-grown produce is always popular in shops and markets. The primary reason for this is that consumers want the highest quality products and Australian producers enjoy such a reputation. However, Australia has a diverse culture and retail outlets with imported products that appeal to certain cultural groups are also popular.

There is also the desire in some states and territories to support state industries. This is especially so in Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania. For example, the Bank of Queensland enjoys success as it appeals to customers within its state. State pride is alive and well in Australia.

Another reason that many customers make it a point to buy local wherever they can is that it often goes hand in hand with good service and a personalised approach. The simple fact is, it’s easier to sell to someone locally than it is to someone on the other side of the world.

How do you sell locally? Be active in your local community and build rapport with your potential customers. Sponsor a local sporting team. Give your time to community events. Simply, get your name out there and sell in a subtle way. Be seen. Of course, it helps if you have a product or service that has local appeal.

National or local pride is prevalent amongst consumers but there is also a need to belong to a community.

There has been a recent trend in Australia to join up to large buyers’ groups. I am a member of ‘The Big Switch’ and the ‘Fifty Up Club’. Basically, the group is formed to increase their buying power and negotiate lower prices. In return, the vendor gets access to tens of thousands of consumers.

This tactic works well for big businesses as they can afford to increase their volume of sales in return for lower margins.

What if you could implement this strategy for your business and you would not need to drop your prices to get a sale. In fact, you would have a group of hungry consumers who may be prepared to pay a little more for your services. What’s more, you don’t have to pay for advertising. Others will do this for you. That is what can happen when you implement this strategy.

There are many organisations you can belong to. Most of these are industry associations and they will promote your business in return for an annual membership fee that is usually not that dear. Members are also predisposed to buy from fellow members. There are also ample opportunities to meet with fellow members. If your business relies on local sales, then your local chamber of commerce is another way of promoting your business to potential local communities.

To be honest with you, I have been a member of many associations during my twenty years in business and I find Bartercard to be one of the better ones. When selling to Bartercard members, you have a captive market. Members will rate Bartercard membership highly in their reasons for making a purchase.

In terms of selling, there are two advantages of being a member of Bartercard. Firstly, customer acquisition is much easier than it would be to non-members. The second big advantage is that if you did a great job, then you can literally get swamped with repeat business as members are keen to spend their trade dollars.

There is another easy group of customers and prospects to sell to. These are the people you already know and includes friends, relatives, suppliers and business associates. In fact, successful multi-level marketing businesses such as Amway have grown this way. Also, cosmetics, Tupperware and other products predominantly for female consumption are sold at meetings in people’s homes. These are sold by friends or friends of friends. Social media also makes it easier to reach friends and family and business associates without needing to go in for a hard sell.

Author: Ian Renton
Managing Director
Australian Christmas Cards
Phone: 1800 226 202 or 02 9631 3366

Ian Renton is the owner of four businesses, Australian Credit Stationers, Australian Christmas Cards, Renton's Labels and Renton's Printing. His businesses provide account stickers, Christmas stickers, corporate Christmas cards and e-cards, corporate birthday cards, thank you cards, calendars, fridge magnets, custom labels and general printing to thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


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