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Five minutes with a Bartercard brand strategist

Written by Bartercard Australia on 13/07/2016 3:04:35 PM 1 Comment



Sally Syle: Brand-strategist, Graphic designer and Illustrator

We spent five minutes chatting to the brand-strategist, graphic designer and illustrator who's using Bartercard to attract clients and build her brand up in its early days.

Boosting a brand with Bartercard

It takes just three seconds to make a first impression about a brand. That's the concept which Sally Syle has built her start-up on.

The Frankston-based brand-strategist, graphic designer and illustrator launched her first business, Graphics by Sally, last year and is using Bartercard as a strategy to attract clients and build her brand up in its early days.

And considering that 9 out of 10 new businesses fail, according to Forbes, start-up time is critical.

"Bartercard is supporting me through access to a network of businesses which is helping me grow my client base quickly," she said.

"Along with the networking events, it's opened my business up to a market of customers who are looking to spend."

She said starting a brand new business in a competitive market is a risk which Bartercard reduces, especially when it comes to cash flow.

"In the early days there's a lot of cash outlay and spending decisions, like whether to lease out office space," she said.

"It was tempting to keep the cash in the bank, especially when you're a brand new business, but taking out office space in Frankston is a risk that's paying off,"

"I meet new people in the building every day which wouldn't happen out of my living room."

She added that she conserved her cash with Bartercard by earning a digital currency which she can spend in place of cash across a range of business expenses, including an accountant.

"It's great because it lets me keep more money in the bank for a rainy day."

"Having that extra support in your business, especially when you are in start-up, is priceless."

Sally's tips for starting a business:

Back yourself - "When you start a business you really throw yourself in the deep end and it's rarely, if ever, a straight line to success. When the path curves and things don't go according to plan, it's important to back yourself - be confident of your abilities and stay clear on why you started the business."

Have the experience - "Going into the market, you're up against a thousand other brands and competitors all vying for attention. Know your craft inside out and your work will speak for itself."

Be crystal clear of your brand - "When you think about it, three seconds isn't a lot of time to cram enough appeal for a consumer to stick around. Simple positioning always stands out and will cut through a cluttered market."

For more information on how Bartercard can help boost your brand, visit or call 1300 BARTER (1300 227 837)


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