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How do subconscious beliefs affect your business

Written by Peter Boikowski on 16/07/2014 9:23:00 AM 0 Comment

How_do_subconscious_beliefs_affect_your_businessHave you ever heard the phrase – The Aussie Battler? Well this is just one of multiple ‘Subconscious Programs’ that impact the ‘day to day’ running of our Businesses. Ok, so why do I say that and how does it impact your business?   

Remember that I discussed the Psychology of our Business in the article on vibes? These deep subconscious programs are the foundation of the Psychology of our Business.

So if being an Aussie Battler is part of our deep psychology then how does battling to get ahead equate to our bottom line and how successful we are? It might not be the best. What phrase comes to mind about America? Ah, the “Land of Opportunity!” Can you see how just a simple phrase could be the subconscious driver that makes us successful, or part of the tragic business failure statistic that is the Australian reality? Re-read the Statistics from my first article and you may realise that there is something deep within our psyche that has us metaphorically behind the ‘eight ball’ before we even get our first inkling of what our new business might be.

What is your subconscious belief and how does it drive you? Is being successful an ‘opportunity’ that comes naturally or are you ‘battling’ to survive?

Do we need to analyse where we are going, from the perspective of where we have come from? If we are mentally stuck in the 1960’s and missing out on all the great improvements in business acumen, could letting go of the self-judgements from deep psychological subconscious programs within help us to prosper? Bet your life they could!

What about tapping into ‘World’s Best Practice?’ Could that take your business into a more positive direction? I guarantee it! But to do this we may need to open our mind to what others think about us.

I love the program ‘Undercover Boss’ for the simple but at times brutally honest home truths that the new CEO gets about the perspective of his/her employees about the company that he/she is now privileged to run.

I take my hat off to the ones that take the brutal honest home truths and look for ways to make it better. And do you know what in my mind is the biggest factor that helps them achieve greater efficiency? They just tap into the most valuable resource that they already have – The Human Resource.

Their business simply improves because Management take notice of their employees concerns. How hard is that? Not hard at all! Best of all it costs nothing and the gains are phenomenal. The results are greater workplace efficiency from happy employees who want to be at work – resulting in less ‘sickies!’ As well as better turnover of product, as less rework required from a system that has fallen over because an employee doesn’t care, because he/she sees that Management don’t care about him/her!

However, achieving ‘World’s Best Practice’ requires something that goes against our subconscious programming – humility. You see, our subconscious programming and unfortunately, pride, tell us, that nobody knows better than us, how to run our business. This pride and lack of humility are the ‘wreaking balls’ locked into our subconscious programming that see the tragic failure rates in ‘Start Up’ Businesses. Read some books on ‘Behavioural Mechanics’ and see some of the deep seated psychology that goes on in our heads that is mostly us running these subconscious programs.

Mostly, what is going on in our head are ‘untruths’ perpetrated by past generations thinking, (e.g., 1960’s mentality) that no longer serves us running our businesses in today’s economic climate.

When Management implement ‘humility’ as part of their Business Strategy, old subconscious programming falls away, as the higher consciousness of the overall sum of a business’s human resource work together as a team. There is no place for ‘Yes Men’ here, just ask Sir Richard Branson about ‘Yes Men’. He applauds free thinkers since they inspire new directions and positive growth. If being humble within the scope of a Business Owner is challenging, then simply learn the processes outlined in the Fair Work Act ( and the Workplace Health and Safety Act ( These legislated documents whilst perhaps a little bulky, carry everything you need to analyse your ‘Business Smarts’ and provide a positive business direction!

Is it a BIG ask to let go of these subconscious programs? In most cases there is an internal addiction to NOT letting go of these programs. It is ALL based on what we ‘feel’ which are the results of these subconscious programs that are running their course. What we ‘feel’ is of course an emotion. So the subconscious ‘feelings/emotions’ become this deep psychological driver, like an unseen hand steering the course of our business so that we can ‘feel’ a particular way at the end of the day.

So if at the end of the day we ‘feel’– ‘The people I work with are stupid, no good idiots!’ that becomes our reality as our subconscious programming responds to our deepest innermost thoughts. And we see it come back to us, as our ‘vibe’ based on the predominant subconscious program that we run, pushes our subconscious energy to have those around us as ‘stupid, no good idiots!’

Our employees or those we work with ‘marry up’ to how we want to feel at the end of the day, which just continues and completes the subconscious ‘failure’ program cycle. And then we want to blame someone else… The biggest problem is that as time goes by we escalate the ‘feelings’. Like an alcoholic needs more alcohol to get the same ‘buzz/feeling’ that he had during his last drinking session, we escalate the ‘feelings’ from our thoughts to complete a cycle/pattern, but this becomes our addiction.

Our addictions are the ‘fulfilment’ of our thoughts and if based on negative 1960’s outcomes, will have us getting back each day, more of the same ‘fulfilment’ so that we can continue the same tomorrow. And we then wonder why our Businesses might be failing! All because a subconscious program that no longer serves us is running in the back ground.

Can these subconscious programs be cleared? Yes and very easily to! I would love to help you find out what subconscious programming you have going on that is negatively affecting your business. These can be cleared in sessions either face to face or over the phone.

Care to soar like the eagle you are?

Written by Peter Boikowski
Emotional TherapistToowoomba Natural Therapies
Bartercard member

Phone: 0410 094 595


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