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How much is your hospitality staff costing your business?

Written by Emily Johnson, Psychologist, MAPS on 12/09/2013 12:41:00 AM 0 Comment


With the Australian hospitality and tourism industry experiencing a shortage of skilled labour, many business owners consider paying above the average 3 to 5 per cent annual salary increase as a way to attract and retain staff. This is reflective in a recent survey by Michael Page Hospitality and Leisure which reported that 67 percent of employers, in this industry, consider that skill shortages could cause salaries to increase above the inflation rate within the next 12 months.

However, according to Bartercard CEO, Brian Hall, there are alternatives.

With this evident talent shortage, and an increase in more protean careers, Brian believes that business owners need to develop more attractive employment arrangements. He states that restaurateurs and hoteliers who are members of Bartercard are in a unique position to be able to offer their staff attractive employment incentives and benefits without placing a burden on their payroll.
By utilising the Bartercard system that allows business members to exchange goods and services with other members without using cash, they are able to offer their staff trade dollars as part of their remuneration package, fringe benefits, or offer other incentives like specialised training courses and gifts.

“Bartercard members have the edge over their competitors as they are able to offer their employees attractive incentives all paid for using trade dollars, not cash. This allows business owners to enhance their employer brand and improve their employee’s motivation and attachment to their business through creative means” say Brian.

“Hospitality is a very cut throat industry so keeping our staff happy is a priority” says Gabriele Saccardo, from La Scarla Restaurant, member of Bartercard since 1996. “When it comes to incentivising my staff, they know that if there is something they want, but can’t afford, I will buy it for them using my trade dollars” explains Gabriele.  “Using Bartercard to incentivise my staff like this is a great way to keep them motivated and it creates an environment of loyalty – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

Shirley Rohralch, owner of Marble Lodge Luxury Bed and Breakfast, member of Bartercard since 2004, recently used her Bartercard trade dollars to show her appreciation to one of her valued staff members.

“In my appreciation of her work ethic, I gave my B&B cleaner, a weekend accommodation package in Queensland which I bought on Bartercard” says Shirley. “This was an effective way for me to pay her a “bonus” in trade dollars, instead of cash.”

In a bid to improve the situation of the labour and skill shortage in the hospitality and tourism industry, the Australian government are introducing various initiatives such as recruiting skilled labour from overseas, promoting the employment of indigenous and disabled workers and increasing employer incentives to hire apprentices. The choice of using Bartercard to assist reduce the cost of staff could be an additional option to these national incentives and one that small to medium size businesses can implement simply.

“Bartercard can safeguards businesses from failing to evolve as they are able to afford to keep ahead of the game by implementing attractive employment practices to attract and retain employees without affecting their cash flow” Brian Hall said.

To discuss staff incentives call your Bartercard Account Manager or contact us today to find out how you can join Bartercard.

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