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How to get published in 8 simple steps

Written by Bartercard Australia on 01/03/2017 8:52:20 AM 0 Comment

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Sharing your knowledge in print can attract the right clients for the right reasons.

In this week’s blog, we share the latest tips and tricks to get published in only 8 simple steps.


How to get published in 8 simple steps

Three-time best-selling co-author William de Ora shares his success in using Bartercard to publish books and, how almost any Bartercard member can do the same without the cash expense. We spent five minutes chatting to the author to find out that becoming a leading authority in your field is easier than you think.

Apart from positioning you as a market leader, William said the advantage of sharing your knowledge in print is attracting the right clients for the right reasons, and using a powerful marketing tool called personal and business branding which is completely unique.

“A book is a platform to not only convey expertise, which every business owner already has, but also your brand which is what sets you apart in the market, creating a powerful lead generating tool,” he said.

“Bartercard gives business owners more access to leveraging their personal brand to build credibility. It has members who can assist you write, publish and promote your book. Most members just don’t consider writing a book as part of their marketing strategy.”

He said the reason why most business owners are reluctant is because they don’t know where to start, and convince themselves there aren’t enough hours in a day. William challenges this thinking, and encourages members to utilise the untapped resources in Bartercard to make writing a book achievable.

William’s book The Invisible Branson, inspired by one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet today (Sir Richard Branson), is about marketing yourself and your business. William said every business has two brands – the business and the owner, as is the case for Richard Branson and Virgin.

“Invisible Branson inspires you to become the face of your business and its best ambassador, and there’s no better way to achieve this than becoming a published author,” said William.
William assures all business owners that writing a book is no different to creating a brochure or website, just on a bigger scale.

“You might feel overwhelmed about how to become a published author, or the time it might take, but really it’s easier than you think,” said William. “Especially if you’re a member of Bartercard as there are members including ghost writers, graphic designers, typesetters and printers all willing to help you.”

To set you on the right track to writing a book, William shares the following eight steps: 

Step 1 Decide on a topic, idea, title and subtitle
Step 2 Create the chapter names
Step 3 Write 10 bullet points for each chapter
Step 4 Record yourself speaking on those bullet points
Step 5 Source a ghostwriter to transcribe the recordings and write each chapter
Step 6 When your ghostwriter completes the manuscript, get it edited by another writer
Step 7 Source a graphic designer to design the cover and typesetting
Step 8 Ask your graphic designer to prepare a print-ready file for your printer

Enquiries or want to work with William? Call 0414 834 733 or email

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