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How to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Written by Bartercard Australia on 21/04/2016 6:30:00 PM 0 Comment

Businesses are always on the hunt for more sales to increase profit.shutterstock_322070393.jpg
What all businesses must remember is that marketing begins with awareness. Buyers are more likely to make a decision to buy if the company is familiar to them. Consumers who are aware of your business are also more likely to be less price sensitive and make purchasing decisions quicker. Brand awareness will help you convert sales and maximise on the consumers you have already built relationships with.

Improve your brand position with a brand promise

To increase your brand awareness you need to position your brand in the right light. A brand position is where you are positioned in a customer’s mind when they think about you. Are you associated with affordable products? When a customer thinks of you do they think bad things or positive? To improve your position in a consumer’s eye you need a brand promise that you can deliver on.

Create a compelling brand promise

A brand promise is what you intend to offer each client. The best example of a great brand promise is “Woolworths – the Fresh Food People.” This is not only a catchy tagline, but the supermarket chain’s promise to each consumer. Create a promise that is related to your services and that you can deliver on. As you deliver on your promise, you will improve your brand’s position the consumer’s eye.

Understand the role of social media

Social media is a great way to present your brand to the public and increase your awareness in certain social groups. Twitter followers and Facebook likes are a great way to measure your reach but remember that building this network is a slow process. Treat social media as a long-term, cumulative awareness project rather than a quick fix. You can use social media for your initial brand release and then again each time you do something new or exciting within your business. This will help to keep followers excited and entice them to share new content.

Think outside the box

The best marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness are the ones that are unique to the norm. A great example of a brilliant brand awareness campaign is Queensland’s tourism campaign of “Where the bloody hell are you?” Although Queensland may not be a brand in the traditional sense, their campaign pushed as if it was. The unique tagline stunned viewers and enticed them to repeat and share it. This talking point pushed Queensland tourism to the forefront of many conversations quickly increasing brand awareness.

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