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How to nurture prospects into long-term customers

Written by Bartercard Australia on 29/11/2017 4:40:39 PM 0 Comment


image - customer.jpgIn business the assumption often is that once a consumer has made a purchase, they are automatically a customer. But business is much more complex - the reality is that to attract long-standing customers, you need to nurture and develop relationships. They need to view your brand as a trusted source which has solutions. So how do you develop a relationship where the customer sees real value in your brand? Read these tips on attracting and nurture long-standing customers.  

Develop a journey map
Map out every aspect of the customer’s experience by developing a journey map. This is a blue print of every point of contact you have with the customer, from initial discussion when they are a lead to ongoing engagement through content to the desired end destination – a long-standing customer. Creating a relevant journey requires understanding your customers inside-out – what their pain points, habits and desired outcomes are, what technology they use to get information and where you can add real value and solutions. In short, journey mapping is about anticipating the customers’ needs, knowing when and where to deliver solutions and guiding them towards choosing your brand instead of a competitor’s through value, quality and expertise.  

Create killer content
Create content to fill out your customer journey map - consider what information, in the form of content like articles, video and offers – you can share to educate, entertain and build trust in your brand. Lead progression requires its own marketing content which is different to lead capture. It should be relevant and reinforce the notion of your organisation as a trusted advisor with real solutions to boot. Focus on providing solutions focused at the customer instead of marketing your brand. Lead progression is all about building trust until they become a customer.

Play the long game
Prospects cannot be rushed. Sometimes it can take several months from the initial interest to convert the lead into a customer. Sales staff should be prepared to play the long game and proceed at the customer’s pace. Try to hurry them along and you may find that instead, the customer chooses an alternative route.

Don’t give up!
It may sound obvious, but businesses that invest heavily in lead nurturing report a 45% higher return on investment than those companies that don’t. So when the going gets tough, remember it’s a long-term journey to get a prospect to the point of purchase. Nurturing that relationship further, beyond that initial purchase to one of valued customer, can be an even longer process. It will, however, be a much more fruitful one.

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