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Is communication spoiling us for choice?

Written by Philip Krieg on 10/04/2014 1:29:00 PM 0 Comment


I can still remember when there were only 2 methods of distance communication – the telephone and a letter.

The telephone was quite quick, but very expensive, especially over distance. The letter was relatively cheap, but laboriously slow. And somewhere in between sat . . . the Telegram.

Relatively cheap and quick, (although the last sector was still delivered by hand!!), but you couldn’t say very much without it becoming expensive again.

Move forward a few decades and communications have become very cheap and we are spoiled for choice. And there are so many options.


• Mobile phone
• Mobile phone sms
• Landline phone, (although these are rapidly becoming extinct)
• message systems and voicemail
• email
• Facebook message
• Facebook status update, (not advised for personal stuff!)
• LinkedIN message
• MSM message
• Skype call
• Skype chat (message)
• Letter
• Facsimile
• Telegram

Did I miss any?  Probably.

Which all brings into focus the question –

“How do you communicate with your Customers . . . or them with you?”

What are their expectations around that?

Do they expect you to monitor a dozen or more communication channels, waiting pensively for their message?

What have you told them?

How have you trained them to contact you?

Be Realistic

If you are a customer or client, be realistic about how that company will get your message.
You wouldn’t send a letter to order this evening’s takeaway, or book a restaurant.  You would most likely phone or SMS.

Some places have a website where you can make a booking.  But don’t send an email an hour before opening time and be disappointed when they didn’t get your booking. Take into account whatever arrangements you have made with them, or what methods of communication they have promoted, and . . .If your message is urgent, important or short term based, then use a phone or maybe SMS. As a business owner, if you promote a method of communication, make sure that it works and that you get it in a timely manner. There is an array of Bartercard members who can help you established your preferred method of communication.

Well, that is quite simple really!

What should you do now?
• Think about the time frame for your message being delivered.
• Make sure that every communication channel you promote actually works.


Written by Philip Krieg, Online Marketing and Systems Specialist with Hotpink Websites.
Do you want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Hotpink Websites now.

Within Australia: (07) 5676 5386
International: +61 7 5676 5386

Location Address:
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Topics: Communications Strategy, Skype, email, Business Strategy, Mobile Phone, Facebook

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