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It’s all about Attitude at Altitude

Written by Bartercard Australia on 14/10/2015 4:00:00 PM 1 Comment

Bill Doyle - Altitude Communications - Bartercard memberIt’s all about Attitude at Altitude

Bill Doyle has been running his business Altitude Communications for over a decade and has also been an active Bartercard member during this entire time. He confesses that he was somewhat sceptical about the Bartercard concept at first, and credits ‘a good salesperson’ with winning him over on the idea of conserving cash flow and leveraging Bartercard business to win cash referrals.

However, as a marketing specialist, Bill is always interested in smart ways to generate more business. He’s been cautious and diligent in the way he earns and spends his trade dollars, deciding early on that his strategy would be to accept Bartercard specifically for his marketing training and mentoring programs. This would offer an excellent opportunity for ongoing referrals for his business, and an equally great opportunity for Bartercard members to spend their trade dollars in a way that could benefit their businesses. It seemed likely to be a win-win strategy.

Educating and equipping clients for success

The idea was also well suited to Bill’s goal which is primarily to empower business owners and entrepreneurs by educating them in lead generation and marketing strategies and equipping them with the tools they can use to get results. This allows them to implement effective strategies, and take control of their marketing with greater confidence. That should be music to the ears of the many business owners who know only too well how costly it can be to pay others for the range of expertise required to market successfully online – often with limited success and a very ordinary return on investment!

Live training seminars

“Hundreds of participants” now flock to Bill’s popular monthly live training webinars to learn and get in-depth advice on an extensive range of marketing related topics from lead generation and social media strategies, to writing sales letters and creating webinars. The sessions are interactive, with a question and answer session at the end during which Bill addresses some specific problems or questions put forward, so that all participants benefit from hearing the answers. It’s a little like having a business coach, but much more affordable.

Bartercard ideal for trainers and consultants

Bill believes Bartercard is ideal for trainers and consultants who use a ’one to many‘ model for at least some of their training. With a one to many model, the cost of providing the session is usually static, regardless of how many participants you have – yet happy Bartercard customers are just as likely to tell others about your services and generate cash referrals as cash clients are. 

Bill’s tips

• Leaning on the Bartercard team and other members. Bill said “Expertise isn’t restricted to your co-ordinator. Learn how others are leveraging Bartercard.”

• Paying as much attention to your Bartercard customers as you do your cash customers – a happy customer will tell a few people about your services and an unhappy one will tell many more, whether they’ve paid in trade dollars or cash!

• Viewing Bartercard as a marketing medium that can be used to get your message out more without being a drain on business. 

Bill Doyle - Founder and owner of Altitude Communications
+61 7 3102 3550

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