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Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice to boost clientele

Written by Bartercard Australia on 17/08/2016 5:53:18 PM 1 Comment



Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice

A legal firm where clients love working with their lawyers? It sounds like a paradox but it’s what Vivais have been busy building – trading approximately $250,000 on Bartercard to attract new clients and take the cost ‘fear factor’ out of legal advice.

When you think of a lawyer, uncapped fees and extended, drawn out legal proceedings are associations that typically come to mind. But Vivais is breaking down this stereotype one client at a time to change the legal marketplace for the better.

Putting access to legal services and outcomes above profit, they offer legal advice and representation to clients at fixed costs that won’t break the bank, and accept Bartercard’s digital currency as a cashless alternative to not only benefit clients, but also to grow their business. Owner and founder of Vivais, Tiago De Silva said he’s welcoming clients on Bartercard which allows members to essentially cover the cost of legal fees with their products or services.

“Early on in the piece we identified that our target market of small and medium-sized businesses were hesitant in using a lawyer because of the associated costs of legal advice,” he said. “We saw Bartercard as a solution to grow our brand because it’s not only our market of small and medium-sized businesses, but also a way of overcoming that cost fear-factor when we first set out to establish the business.

Bartercard is a benefit for our clients, especially if they’re a small business or start up when every dollar counts, and it’s a double benefit for us because it opens our business up to a new market of customers and we receive referrals in the cash world every time we have a happy Bartercard client.” Tiago has traded approximately $250,000 on Bartercard (selling his services and purchasing through the trade exchange combined) in the last two years.

Focusing his spending on advertising and marketing to conserve cash and grow the business into other areas, he said that as a relatively new company less than three years old it’s a strategy that’s working. “We’ve grown our client base off the back of Bartercard through access to a unique business marketplace that we’re essentially tailored to – it’s a good fit,” he said.

“It’s given us cut-though in the market and placed us front and centre of our customers.”

Tiago added that he started the business with a grassroots approach of wanting to make legal services accessible to everyone, and Bartercard has assisted in doing

that. “Having clarity around the costs opens up a more relaxed conversation and takes the fear out of seeing a lawyer. We know that profits will always come out of building a successful business which caters first and foremost to the client, and that’s been our focus since day one.”

Every business should seek legal advice at one point or another. Take a look at Tiago’s three top tips to cover your assets.

Get properly drafted commercial and employment contracts - “Don’t cut corners when it comes to your contracts, terms of sale or shareholder agreements. You will be taken more seriously as a business.”

Protect your assets with estate planning - “It always surprises me how many clients don’t have estate planning measures in place. If you have a business or own assets, estate planning is critical to protecting them.”

Register your business name and trademarks - “Trademarking will stop someone else from trading under the same business name, or worse yet, trademarking your name which will impact your brand and business.”

You can call Vivais on 1300 VIVAIS (1300 848 247) for a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation, or alternatively email


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