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Make people want to buy from you!

Written by Daizy Mir on 26/09/2013 12:58:00 AM 0 Comment


You have to get everyone interested – not just the 3% of the buying pyramid.

I have been in the marketing game for more than 15 years and the media and communications industry for almost 30 years.

The fact is, that despite this extended tenure, every day I am still learning new strategies and techniques to help my customers get a better result from their marketing campaigns.

One of the most important facts I have learnt is that whether you are using a flyer, newspaper ad, radio segment or TV commercial if the message and content are focused on an offer or a special (25% Off, Save 30% or Free if you buy before) or just an announcement (e.g. Opening, Closing Down, Christmas Sale...etc.) you are only ever going to appeal to 3% of the buying public.

Why? Because marketing research and studies have shown that at any one time 3% of people are looking for what you are selling.

Whether you are selling air conditioners, pizzas, cars or car insurance, only 3% of the buying market is ever interested at any one time.


What this means is that if you are selling cars for instance, and in your area there are 10 car dealers then you and those 9 other dealers are all competing for the same 3%. What makes that 3% or some of that 3% come to you over your 9 competitors? The answer is, the information you include on your brochure, in your advertisement, your customer service, your reputation, the kind of cars you sell and finally the price.

Price is never usually the first reason people choose to buy. Most people buy based on emotional reasons but if there are no emotive reasons, like an emotional attachment to one dealer over another, then people resort to price. 

The clever business owner with a smart strategy creates a story for their marketing campaign that makes the reader or customer emotionally interested and tied to the story which makes them want to visit your car yard even if they weren’t really interested in buying a car. Why? How? Because the message that the car yard owner used to advertise their business sidelined the issue about brand, make or price and made the issue about something more important – which may have been safety or luxury..

There is no person alive that doesn’t want a safe car or to sit in the lap of luxury or to feel their car has the power they want to create great driving pleasure....and all of these make that person feel successful.

The message needs to paint the picture for the audience and turn buying a car from a functional activity to one that is filled with emotion and has a compelling story.

What would you respond to, an advertisement stating Free Air Conditioning and tinted windows with your cheap, small car or an advertisement that makes you the hero or starlet of a fairy-tale driving your luxurious, fully optioned, power pocket?

By reframing your message to something that people dream about, you are opening the buying pyramid up to the other 97% of buyers who might not necessarily be looking for a car.

That means that you can go fishing in a bigger pond and your results should be significantly higher with many more customers knocking on your door.

Daizy Mir
Managing and Creative Director
Global Direct Response Marketing & Distribution

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p: (02) 9695 0500  |  m: 0401 638 444  | f:   (02) 9114 9941

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35/11-21 Underwood Rd
Homebush, NSW, 2140

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14B Woodside Ave
Burwood, NSW, 2134

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Sydney Markets, NSW, 2129


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