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5 Things to Start Implementing for 2019

Another year is drawing to a close and as we wind down and prepare for the season’s festivities, it’s a great time to start making plans for what you want your business to achieve in 2019.

It may be time to let go of the old and finally embrace the new. Here are five ways to help kick start your new year... and your business.

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Bartercard businesses save $4.5 billion

The New Year is a time to assess your business and put positive change into place.  While the internet isn’t short of inspirational tips and tricks to make the most of 2019, the reality is that the everyday ins and outs of running a business are tough – especially in a fast-paced digital world where the only constant is change.  From managing budgets to staying relevant and constantly evolving, it isn’t for the faint hearted!  When asked what the most significant challenge in business was, Bartercard members said that apart from staffing, it was cash flow which kept them up at night. 

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10 things business owners wish they knew at start-up

Starting a small business is a big decision. Now you’re a little way down the track, is there anything you would do differently? Were the sacrifices and challenges worth it? What do you wish you had known back when you were starting out that may have helped make the falls a little less spectacular and the wins a lot more frequent?

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How to revitalise a business with Bartercard and secure shelf space nationally

Bondi Scrubs stocks to retailers Australia-wide.  See what this brand did to land success and conserve thousands of dollars in a rebrand with Bartercard.

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4 Essential Tips to Improve Productivity and Effectiveness for Personal Growth

With Christmas just around the corner, office parties, and end of year targets to meet, it’s no wonder we end up spinning many different plates and wind up exhausted both physically and mentally. Between booze and business growth strategies, it can sometimes it feels like we’re drowning under the pressure.

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The Changing Face of Tourism - Alternative Tourism Distribution Solutions in a Shifting Market - Part 3

Part 3

Over the past few weeks we’ve been running a series of articles looking at the changing face of tourism in a fast-evolving market.  These articles are written by Bartercard’s National Manager of Tourism and Travel Mark Ferszt who has over 20 years of industry experience, and feature in PATA’s (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Issues and Trends 2018. 

If you’re a travel, tourism or hospitality operator, don’t miss these latest trends to shape your view of the industry and stay on top of a constantly shifting market.   

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2019 Hospitality Trends

We list the industry tips to keep you thinking outside the walls of your establishment. 

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Social Media Remarketing Simply Explained

There are currently over three billion active users on Facebook and Instagram every month.


If you are using these social media platforms just for posting about your business, adding a few memes and interacting with your followers, you may be missing a big slice of your potential market.

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What to post on social media

When it comes to social media, a common problem businesses face is what to post. If you are stuck for ideas, the temptation is to revert to telling everyone about your new widget or latest deal. You keep posting away about your business, your products, your news and your sales.

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2019 Restaurants Trends

Digital is shifting the dining experience – read these latest hospitality industry trends from Bartercard to attract customers and stay ahead of the market

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