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Please welcome the Sports Shopper

Written by Emily Johnson, Psychologist, MAPS on 13/02/2014 12:59:00 PM 0 Comment


Have you heard? There’s a new type of shopper in town, please welcome the “Sports Shopper”.

Over the decades, experts have placed shoppers into categories with labels such as the ethical shopper and economic shopper of the 1950’s to the recreational shopper and impulsive shopper of the 1980’s. Now there’s a new type of shopper, ‘the sports shopper’.
So, who are these shoppers and how do you attract them to your business?
The sports shopper’s main goal is to save whilst shopping, however, don’t confuse these types with the economic shopper who are constrained by finances, no, sports shoppers are driven by the recognition of being a great shopper by their friends and peers. The amount spent is not an issue; it’s more about outdoing their friends.
Savvy marketers are quick to pick up on this new trend with various mobile apps being developed to assist these shoppers flaunt and compare their wares (for example, Found Shopping, Zappos and ShopSavvy). 
I can’t quiet work out how I feel about this. On the one hand it’s kind of cool and ‘now’. But on the other hand, isn’t it just a new form of rubbernecking? Either way, these shoppers are here to stay, they’ve got plenty of dollars to spend. So how do you attract sports shoppers to your business? Put simply, you need to create a perception of great value. You can use Bartercard in 2 ways to assist with this.
(1) Purchase new stock on Bartercard for a better margin return
(2) Purchase value added gifts or products. You can do this in two ways. You can combine the sale of your low margin goods with the sale of your higher margin goods (packaging various products together) thereby netting an acceptable, overall profit return and helping you to turn over your stock. The other way is to purchase small gifts with your Bartercard trade dollars to package with your items. The buyer perception is that they gained great value.
There are 3 possible reasons why Bartercard members implement these simple strategies into their business practice, these include:

  1. When they want to attract a new customer market/demographic (like the sports shoppers)
  2. When they have unsatisfactory margins on certain products, they are able to purchase stock with better selling margins, thereby creating a better net profit margin overall
  3. Expand their product lines

If you want to test a new product or service, or attract this new kind of shopper to your business, Bartercard could be the perfect vehicle to help you.

Written by Emily Johnson, Psychologist
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Topics: Sports shopper, Shopper trends, How to attract shoppers to your business

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