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Saving $30,000 with Cupcakes

Written by Bartercard Australia on 15/02/2017 3:37:43 PM 0 Comment


Baking for every taste and occasion,
The Classic Cupcake Co has boosted business with Bartercard, conserving almost $30,000 in cash – that’s a lot of cupcakes!
Owner Anna Eden started the business out of a love for confecting her grandmother’s recipes. It’s a passion that’s clearly paid off as today she’s busy baking and frosting cupcakes for clients all around Sydney.
We spend five minutes chatting to the baking queen who joined Bartercard four years ago to tackle business hurdles, and hasn’t looked back.  

What’s your specialty? 

Classic recipes just like your grandmother’s, with a modern twist.  Nothing wacky, just the highest quality ingredients we can possibly source, baked daily.  We only use natural products and don’t cut corners which has really paid off in the marketplace.    


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in business?

 In the early days it was delivery.  We were quick to hone our skills and processes to a T in-store, but delivery was one aspect we couldn’t control 100%.  Luckily we’ve paired with a reliable company that delivers our cupcakes from A to B in one piece!


How does Bartercard work in your business?

Bartercard has attracted new customers and increased sales but above all its conserved cash – almost $30,000! We’ve sold thousands of cupcakes to small businesses and hotels on Bartercard who pay us in trade dollars.  We then use this currency to pay for business expenses like photography and printing without using cash.  It offsets cash expenses to keep more money in the bank and invested in the business.  


Three tips for running a successful baking business?

Product integrity, not letting creativity rule your bottom line and being more than just passionate – being committed.  


Best seller? 

Our Purple Velvet cupcake is a sellout.

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