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Simplifying digital marketing for your restaurant

Written by Klara Vida on 30/06/2015 12:00:00 PM 0 Comment

In this article we simplify digital marketing and show why every business owner should be making the most of it.
Last week we talked about the trend of pop-up restaurants, bars and eateries as a strategic approach to selling a brand, ascertaining consumer response, attracting a new market of customers and turning them into advocates. 
Part of the appeal of pop-ups is incorporating digital marketing to enhance the consumer experience, even creating anticipation before the venue is launched.
New pop-up locations are released to exclusive email lists, on blogs and through social media shortly before they open, where they are tracked and followed by food-loving locals.    

Today every successful brand world-wide is using digital marketing to create a richer consumer experience and become more profitable, just like pop-up restaurants and bars do. 
So, if you want to capture a wider market and build a presence where your customers are, we recommend reading this article and downloading our free eBook.
What is digital marketing?

You have most likely heard the buzzwords ‘digital marketing’ bounced around a lot, but what does it actually mean? 

Digital marketing is reaching consumers online, and creating an experience that will influence them to take an action. 

It’s not only a way of conveying information, but shaping perceptions of a brand, building credibility and trust in the marketplace, and turning consumers into long-standing customers.

Combining consumer and digital spaces

Although a shift to digital certainly isn’t new, a strategic approach combining consumer and digital spaces is. 

This trend shows more success resulting from a combination of customers interacting at a digital level and coming in-house, so creating a consistent and high-level consumer experience combining both spaces is a must.  

Shop any reputable brand and you will see its website, social media and stores are all consistently aligned to create a tailored consumer experience leading the customer to spend.  

We show you how to do this in our free eBook which you can download below.

It all starts at content 

Creating a customer experience through digital marketing starts at content. 

Using valuable content in blog posts, on your website and on social media to attract customers has seen a shift away from older marketing methods of advertising, towards strategies that build a presence where your customers are spending time, and appealing to them through relevant content they want to see and read.        

Examples of content you can create as part of your digital marketing strategy include:  

• A profile of your head chef showcasing their experience, style of cooking, favourite travel destinations and new styles of dining;

• Images of new dishes;

• A blog post about the origin of your cuisine and the experience you are conveying to the market;

• An eBook listing a few simple recipes that followers can recreate at home - don’t forget to ask for their email when they download it;

• You might already have access to a database of customers, but if you don’t, include the option of joining a mailing list on your homepage

You can find more information on this topic in our free eBook. 

Send special offers to your database to keep your customers in the loop.   

You can find more content ideas in our FREE eBook, 5 tips for digital marketing your restaurant, which you can download below.


Author: Klara Vida

Bartercard National Communications Executive.
Contact Klara via or (+61) 07 5561 9094.

Topics: Website design, Successful restaurant website

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