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The Secret to Increasing Performance and Productivity in your Workplace

Written by Enza Lyons on 06/08/2014 10:44:00 AM 0 Comment
Companies that strive for improved staff retention and increased business performance need to identify and take steps to reduce mental stress in their workplace. When employees are unhappy, careless and lethargic, in conflict and or have poor communication they may be costing your business thousands of dollars in missed deadlines, poor sales and customer service. So what can you do?

The 2009 Medibank Private survey revealed some alarming findings regarding the cost of workplace stress in Australia. In summary, the survey revealed:

- Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year

- Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers an estimated $10.11 billion annually

- 3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress

- Healthy employees are nearly 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees

- Mentally stressed and unhealthy employees take up to 9 times more days sick leave than their healthier colleagues and staff.

Other key findings from the survey revealed:

- 21 % of the Australian employees surveyed had experienced a medical condition in the 3 months preceding the survey which included: back and neck pain (29%), hay fever (22%), heart disease (21%), migraine headaches (14%) and asthma (13%) with 12% of those surveyed reported that they were suffering from depression

- Physically inactive Australian adults are costing our healthcare system an avoidable $1.5 billion per year because an estimated 9 million of us do not exercise enough on a daily basis

- Poor employee health through absenteeism is costing Australian business $7 billion annually

- Poor health conditions reduce workplace productivity, creating a substantial economic burden for the individual and their family, the health system, their employer and the economy as a whole.

Let's be proactive and take positive steps

Research has shown that introducing Health and Wellness programs are increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism in the workplace.

“Studies indicate an average improvement of 30-40% in sickness rates in companies that introduce a workplace wellness program.” Price Waterhouse Coopers, Building the case for wellness, 2008.

“Healthy employees have been estimated to be three times more productive than unhealthy employees.” Medibank Private Ltd. The Cost of Workplace stress, 2008.

Companies and smaller businesses that want to improve their staff retention rates, their businesses performance and their employees’ morale, well-being, productivity and attendance have to be proactive and take positive steps to identify and reduce stress in their workplace.

You can take the opportunity to use your Bartercard dollars to increase your staff's performance, reduce absenteeism, improve your staff retention rates, your businesses performance and your employees’ morale, well-being and productivity.

If you’re seeking to:

- Increase concentration, focus and well-being

- Improve self confidence

- Foster a community feeling amongst employees

- Increase employee resilience and

- Reduce workplace stress, anxiety and depression
There are numerous training organisations, psychologists and counsellors that are members of Bartercard who can offer you customised programs to suit your workplace.
By implementing health and wellness programs, you will demonstrate that your organisation care for its employees.

To find out more contact Enza Lyons for a FREE initial consultation.

Enza Lyons is a Learning, Behaviour & Performance Coach and Licensed Brain Gym Trainer, Kinesiologist and author at Dynamic Learning and Health Centre. She has featured on Brisbane Extra T.V. For over 23 years her unique abilities and skills have been empowering children to overcome learning difficulties, adults to improve memory and focus, reduce stress and pain, and businesses to improve workplace performance, employee retention rates and productivity to increase profits. She works through BodyKey, Suite 1, 60 Coonan Street, Indooroopilly, Brisbane doing personal consultations and workshops.

She travels around Queensland teaching school teachers and parents how to implement the Brain Gym program to improve students learning and behaviour to increase their grades. Brain Gym is being taught in over 80 countries around the world and has been used in schools, sports, music and business successfully. Enza focuses on assisting businesses improve individual and team performance holistically and other areas that may be holding people back in business and life. To learn more about Enza check out: or call her on 0413 697692.

Brain Gym® Health & Wellness programs can influence professional development, support and build healthy and productive people and teams to reduce workplace stress and adapt to change.

Enza has a huge range of corporate programs that can be customised to suit workplaces. Training programs are tailored to clients’ specific needs. Workshop offering includes 90 minutes, series of one hour lunch and learn, half day and full day. Also on offer are personal one on one consultation for top management employees and executives. The programs can be customised to suit office and available space.


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