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Top business and trading tips

Written by Klara Vida on 20/09/2017 12:09:46 PM 0 Comment


blog-Top-business-and-trading-tips.pngTop Business and Trading Tips

Bartercard is a tool to assist you in business, every day. In this week’s blog we see what four business owners did to tackle start-up, launch a new label and save $30,000, all with the help of Bartercard.

Tackling start-up

We all know the frustration of waiting for a client to pay. Bill Think Live Love Doyle from Altitude Communications (pictured) certainly does. Today Bill runs a very successful communications and marketing consultancy firm, located on the Gold Coast, but like most companies, the early days of business weren’t short of set-backs. Bill said the reason why he loves Bartercard is because it got him through start-up thirteen years ago.

“The first Christmas after I started Altitude was particularly hard financially, not from lack of work or clients but because I was waiting to get paid,” he said. “Two things got me through that Christmas, Bartercard and a jar of coins. I used Bartercard to buy food, essentials and Christmas gifts, and to this day I still have a jar of coins sitting in my office, just to remind me of the tough times and how important Bartercard is.”

Splashing out on travel 

When you’re a Bartercard member there’s no excuse not to travel. Apart from over 1,000 accommodation options worldwide available on trade, you can additionally cover the cost of restaurants, entertainment and shopping at key destinations without spending cash. Bartercard’s photographer Annie Noon recently took a trip to Thailand where she saw cultural shows, visited elephants, had relaxing massages and beautiful suits made to measure in under three days, all on Bartercard.

She even picked up local gifts for friends and herself on trade. “This made a big difference to our holiday experience, thank you Bartercard!” Visit and enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

Travelling for business or pleasure?  

In addition to the 1,000+ accommodation options on Bartercard, you can save up to 60% cash on hotels and leading resorts around the world at non-Bartercard resorts. Picture yourself at a choice of over 150 four and five star hotels and resorts across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia – and cover up to 60% of your accommodation cost with your trade dollars! Visit and select Travel Plus for more information.

Conserving $30,000 with cupcakes

Bartercard member Anna Eden (pictured) from Classic Cupcake Co. in Sydney has offset almost $30,000 in cash through cupcake sales – that’s a lot of baking! She said Bartercard attracted new customers and increased sales but above all conserved cash. “We’ve sold thousands of cupcakes to small businesses and hotels on Bartercard who pay us in trade dollars.We then use this currency to pay for business expenses like photography and printing without using cash. It offsets expenses to keep more money in the bank and invested in the business.”

Baking for every taste and occasion, Anna joined Bartercard four years ago and said the biggest business hurdle she had to tackle in the early days was delivery. “We were quick to hone our skills and processes to a ‘T’ in-store, but delivery was one aspect we couldn’t control 100%. Luckily we’ve paired with a reliable company that delivers our cupcakes from A to B in one piece!”


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