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Bartercard Member Story: Allure Nails is a Trade Dollars Success

In this Bartercard member update, we hear from Allure Nails who have been a member for 11 years now and have had no difficulty spending their trade dollars. 

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Using Porter's Five Forces to Understand Your Competition

Do you have a clear view of who your competitors are? Do you understand how their actions in the marketplace are affecting your profitability and future planning? Being aware of what’s happening around you and what your competitors are up to is fundamental to the survival of any business – big or small. Knowing where your business is at is crucial to stay competitive and get more customers, but what business techniques can help you?

Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School developed Porter’s Five Forces Model, which is a tool for analysing market competition. Read on to find out how it may help your business.

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Seven Key Reasons Why Leaders Fail in Business

No two businesses are the same. Similarly, no two leaders are the same. Leaders come in many forms and achieve many levels of effectiveness, from the exceptional to the serviceable to the unfortunate. Being a good leader requires hard work and commitment. You’ll need to hone your skills and earn the respect of your team members.

One of the most common downfalls for a leader is a failure to learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others. At Bartercard, we understand the value of leadership in a business. Read on to learn some key reasons why leaders fail.

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What is Discounting Costing You?

Everyone likes a bargain. Why pay full price for something when you can receive a discount? This is why discount websites are gaining popularity. They’re great for the consumer, but are they good for the merchant and small business owner? As a small business owner, have you worked out the real cost of discounting and the impact it will have on your business? Daily deal websites charge a fee of approximately 15-20% of the sale price and stipulate that the offer presented must be at least 50% off the original sale price.

It’s common to think that by offering a discount you’ll attract new customers. That may be true, but have you considered the bigger picture and the long-term effects that discounting will have on your business? Low prices may drive sales for a limited time, but they don’t help build customer loyalty and discounts cost money.

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Bakers Delight – Rising to the Top with Bartercard (A Conversation with Ryan Kirkham)

Whether you like your bread savoury, sweet, crusty, classic or artisanal, Bakers Delight has been perfecting your favourite breads since 1980.

One franchisee of the popular bread brand, Ryan Kirkham, has created a partnership with Bartercard, which has attracted approximately $40,000 in sales every year – that’s a lot of loaves!

We spent five minutes chatting to Ryan about how he uses Bartercard in the retail space.

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Why Your Business is at Risk Without Succession Planning

We don’t always like to think too far ahead. Long term business growth strategies might not be a priority, nor might it be something we particularly enjoy thinking about, but certain outcomes are inevitable in everyone’s life. In short, you won’t run your business forever.

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How important is content marketing to your business?

Content marketing is essential for any business wanting to connect with their customers. Chances are you’re already sharing content in your business. Every time you pop up a blog, video, podcast, or social media post you’re using content marketing to attract people to your products and services.

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How to Build a Brand That’s More Than Just a Logo

It might start with a name and a logo, but if there’s one thing the team at Bartercard knows, it’s that building a trusted brand is much more than just graphic design.

Building a trusted brand is critical in the digital age. Having a strategy and focus to help build trust in the right places can maximise your impact, your brand reach, and your market sway.

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Three tips to help you reach your customers through social media

Using social media is a proven method to market your business online. When used well, these B2B social networks platforms can boost your business by increasing your brand’s visibility. There is no better way of gaining customers’ trust and building relationships than using social platforms.

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How we used Bartercard Trade Dollars to fund our Rotorua holiday!

Anna Herd moved to New Zealand with her family four years ago and became a Bartercard member almost immediately.

Her husband had previously owned a franchise in the UK, so they were no strangers to the Bartercard network and how it worked. Here, Anna tells us how Bartercard benefited a long family weekend away in Rotorua.

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