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4 Top places to invest funds in your business

Investing in the right places is critical to staying successful in business.  Consider these tips when deciding where to next invest. 

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How to offset thousands of dollars in business costs and stay ahead of competition

Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry in WA, who’s focus is supporting small business through planning and advocacy, has successfully incorporated Bartercard to not just conserve cash, but accelerate success.  The Chamber’s CEO Jo Richards explains how the Chamber has offset thousands of dollars in business costs and stay ahead of competition. 

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Top Hospitality Trends

The hospitality industry is continuously evolving. These top trends can keep you in the loop and thinking outside the box. 

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New Year Resolutions for Small Business Success

2018 is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning or at least crossing off your to do list. This week we have the tips and tactics to stay on top and keep success on lock down.

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12 tips to successfully sell on MYBC (or anywhere online)

In today’s digital world it’s critical to cater to your market in the digital space.  MYBC is Bartercard’s online platform where you can list and shop 24/7 to boost sales and conserve cash flow.  Follow these tips to boost sales in MYBC, or anywhere online actually.  .  

List the product’s main features within the description. Be concise and give shoppers everything they need to make a purchase on the spot, including the brand, size or dimensions, colour, condition and model or make. Not listing enough detail might compromise the sale because the shopper may have to take the extra step of contacting you. 

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Business tips from two successful brands


As featured in Oasis Magazine and
Hospitality Directory

What does it take to succeed in business?
These business owners based in Cairns serve up raw and real advice on building up a killer brand from start-up. They’re welcoming visitors worldwide through their doors, and using one plastic card to strengthen their business every day (hint: it’s not from a bank!).

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Top photography tips and tricks to make your brand stand out

Photographs are key to standing out in a digital world – whether on social media, a company website or in a marketing campaign. Did you know there are 60 million new photos uploaded to Instagram daily?  

This week we list the top photography tips and tricks from Instagram superstars to give your brand cut-through – whether you’re snapping on a digital SLR or your smart phone.

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Tips to measure your business realistically

This week learn to measure the performance of your business more accurately.

We all have our own opinion about how our business is travelling, and how our performance is progressing. Quite often though, how we think our business is performing is a subjective assessment based on speculation rather than hard data.  So, how accurately are you measuring your business success and is it realistic? 
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5 tips every online start-up business should follow!

Starting up an online business has many advantages over bricks and mortar. It cuts the overhead costs of leasing out a shop front or office space, allows you to pass this on as competitive pricing and offers the freedom of working anywhere in the world.

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