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Amazon – 10 tips to keep up in a shifting retail landscape

The launch of Amazon in Australia is seeing businesses ramp up their online and bricks and mortar services amid a retail industry shakeup.  Amazon’s marketplace, an eBay-style retail store featuring third party sellers, is resetting the caliber of customer expectations through super-low pricing, convenience and fast-delivery, and businesses are stepping up their e-commerce approach to keep up.

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6 tips to build a great sales team for your business


How to build a great sales team for your business

Where are all the sales superheroes at?  It’s probably about time you’ve found them. When you’re trying to build a great sales team for your business, you want to approach the process a little differently than you would if you were hiring regular customer service staff. Proficiency in sales is both a talent and an art, and not every candidate will be great in a sales position.  When you’re starting your search, you’ll want to keep exactly what you need in mind.

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5 old vs new leadership qualities in 2017

In a fast-paced digital world everything is shifting pretty quickly – from technology and consumer patterns to business agility and adaptability.  So what does leadership look like in an era of unprecedented change?  

Whether you’re a sole operator or have employees, keep these evolving leadership traits on your radar. 

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5 ways to break the digital disconnect

Today most things in life are faster from the way we receive information, to the spending decisions we make and the way we travel, shop and make money.  Even our food is faster. According to The Guardian, the average person is exposed to approximately 3,500 marketing messages every day (on a side note, your brand is already competing against an ocean of messages, so make sure your market is getting the best one!) All of this has put a focus on simplifying life to break away from the flood of information we get every day, at least temporarily, to stay focused and complete tasks more efficiently.

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3 New Year resolutions for your business

2016.  It feels like each year comes around faster, but in a world steeped in new technology, nothing stays the same for long.  While 2015 revolved around a frantic shift to digital, 2016 will take the focus to the way digital interactions are playing out in the consumer space.  To keep up in a fast-tracked world, here are three New Year resolutions to consider in your business. 

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