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2018 Top Retail Trends

Alibaba. Amazon. ASOS. These are the brands behind the changing face of retail shaping the customer experience in a radically shifting landscape. From customised shopping experiences to the latest technology impacting sales, these top retail trends will keep you in the loop and thinking outside the box.

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Amazon – 10 tips to keep up in a shifting retail landscape

The launch of Amazon in Australia is seeing businesses ramp up their online and bricks and mortar services amid a retail industry shakeup.  Amazon’s marketplace, an eBay-style retail store featuring third party sellers, is resetting the caliber of customer expectations through super-low pricing, convenience and fast-delivery, and businesses are stepping up their e-commerce approach to keep up.

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2017 Budget Breakdown

Scott Morrison’s tax heavy budget revealed a hit to banks, a boost to infrastructure and a tax break win for the small business sector.

Coming out on top, small businesses turning over less than $10 million receive an instant tax write off on equipment purchases up to $20,000. The government’s extended small business boost will increase cash flow, investment and productivity.

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5 simple ways to maximise online sales

World-wide, e-commerce is surpassing instore sales and going one way: up.  Coinciding with this week’s launch of search, a new way to find Bartercard members instantly using any device, we’ve listed five ways to attract new customers and maximise online sales.  

1. Use relevant keywords in your descriptions 

Including relevant keywords in your listing, descriptions and website copy will let customers searching the topics you specialise in find you.  SEO is far more complex than keywords (for SEO tips and tricks read 5 ways to rank higher on Google), but they are at the core of online searchability.       

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3 hot tips to reach your customers online

Still wrapping your head around social media in your business?

In this week’s blog we list three essentials when it comes to tapping into your market online and leveraging your brand socially.   

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How to: grow sales through e-commerce

Catherine Hollyman combined her love of shoes and entrepreneurship to start Sisters with Sole, a shoe boutique and importer specialising in European designs.

After 15 years as a PR practitioner, she said she launched Sisters With Sole as a side initiative to her other business, Behind The Scenes Communications. The venture began as an e-commerce project 18 months ago, before setting up a bricks and mortar store in Manly, Sydney last July. 

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