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Digital etiquette 101 and curbing email


Email is a tricky thing. On one hand, seeing every message is crucial (especially if you own a business), leaving us sweeping our inboxes every five minutes. On the other, we’re trying to curb and cull email to prevent complete takeover.

So in this week’s blog we tackle two topics: should you send a follow-up email, and how to curb the email overload.

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8 tips and tricks to sharpen your emails

Read this before you press send.

Follow these ten simple tips and tricks to sharpen your emails and get the response you want.     

1. Tailor to the recipient

Don’t spray and pray - mass blanket emails just don’t get read beyond the first line.  Taking the time to tailor your emails to the receiver is worth the extra time and effort.  Use their first name and understand what they want so you can structure the email around a solution.


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3 steps to curb the email overload

Most inboxes in today’s digital-rich, information-saturated world are bursting at the seams. Think of all the time you spend replying to emails as soon as they pop-up, deflecting your attention and taking you away from revenue-generating tasks.

So, to curb the email overload and boost results in the work place, follow these five tips from Australia’s leading email and workplace productivity expert, Steuart Snooks.

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Is communication spoiling us for choice?

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