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10 things business owners wish they knew at start-up

Starting a small business is a big decision. Now you’re a little way down the track, is there anything you would do differently? Were the sacrifices and challenges worth it? What do you wish you had known back when you were starting out that may have helped make the falls a little less spectacular and the wins a lot more frequent?

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How to revitalise a business with Bartercard and secure shelf space nationally

Bondi Scrubs stocks to retailers Australia-wide.  See what this brand did to land success and conserve thousands of dollars in a rebrand with Bartercard.

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4 Essential Tips to Improve Productivity and Effectiveness for Personal Growth

With Christmas just around the corner, office parties, and end of year targets to meet, it’s no wonder we end up spinning many different plates and wind up exhausted both physically and mentally. Between booze and business growth strategies, it can sometimes it feels like we’re drowning under the pressure.

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