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How to nurture prospects into long-term customers


In business the assumption often is that once a consumer has made a purchase, they are automatically a customer. But business is much more complex - the reality is that to attract long-standing customers, you need to nurture and develop relationships. They need to view your brand as a trusted source which has solutions. So how do you develop a relationship where the customer sees real value in your brand? Read these tips on attracting and nurture long-standing customers.  

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When you should pay extra in LinkedIn…and other tips to boost leads


LinkedIn has over 500 million users, taking out a significant slice of the social media pie. Compared to Facebook (1.2 billion users) and Instagram (700 million users) LinkedIn is still comparatively small, but new features and changes in 2017 reflect a boost to its user base. 

Bartercard member Jillian Bullock is Australia’s only certified LinkedIn consultant who can maximise the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile whether strengthening business contacts or sourcing new leads. She also has the latest LinkedIn features, tips and tricks on lockdown:

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It’s all about Attitude at Altitude

It’s all about Attitude at Altitude

Bill Doyle has been running his business Altitude Communications for over a decade and has also been an active Bartercard member during this entire time. He confesses that he was somewhat sceptical about the Bartercard concept at first, and credits ‘a good salesperson’ with winning him over on the idea of conserving cash flow and leveraging Bartercard business to win cash referrals.

However, as a marketing specialist, Bill is always interested in smart ways to generate more business. He’s been cautious and diligent in the way he earns and spends his trade dollars, deciding early on that his strategy would be to accept Bartercard specifically for his marketing training and mentoring programs. This would offer an excellent opportunity for ongoing referrals for his business, and an equally great opportunity for Bartercard members to spend their trade dollars in a way that could benefit their businesses. It seemed likely to be a win-win strategy.

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