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Seven Key Reasons Why Leaders Fail in Business

No two businesses are the same. Similarly, no two leaders are the same. Leaders come in many forms and achieve many levels of effectiveness, from the exceptional to the serviceable to the unfortunate. Being a good leader requires hard work and commitment. You’ll need to hone your skills and earn the respect of your team members.

One of the most common downfalls for a leader is a failure to learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others. At Bartercard, we understand the value of leadership in a business. Read on to learn some key reasons why leaders fail.

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5 Tips to Out-Compete your Competition

Direct competition can be a real doozy. If you’re selling something that’s almost identical to your competitor, you have a hard road ahead unless you find a point of difference and do it well.  But you can also make simple changes to stand out from the crowd - in this week’s Bartercard blog we list 5 of them

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Why mentoring is key to successful leaders

Richard Branson, one of the most influential business people of our time, said “ Whenever I am asked what the
 missing link is between a promising business person and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind.

This week’s blog is about why mentoring in the workplace is essential for developing great leaders.

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Are you allowing your staff to fail?

Contrary to popular belief, mistakes in the workplace can help build a more resilient team and might be more important than you think. Are you providing ways in which your staff can fail?
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A new style of leadership to make your team thrive

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